Real Mouse in Halfland!

A rare moment of stillness, our FeLINE Producer in a standoff with a real life mouse* in the tracks of the cardboard proscenium trees on set.

The other night I got up to see what the scuffling my cat was making was all about. It was the cutest tiny mouse in all of Halfland (awwwwww) being toyed with. It was plopped into my husband's shoe, it was bopped on the head and slapped around the flat, including under the entire set.

In the year's best Twitter comment, friend in Portland, Gretchin Lair, answered my urgent tweet asking what I should do about a real mouse being in Halfland,

"Grant it amnesty if it agrees to play the Writing Mouse?"

LOLlolol ha!--Good one, gl!

*Current condition of the sweet mouse can be assumed to be alright as it gave the never-saw-a-mouse-before cat the slip, took it on the lamb, cheesed it.


  1. Awww!!

    Hope he deosn't gnaw you right out of a set!! Maybe best to let the cat chase it off? Or put him up on the roof garden if that's still there. You could leave him food and water.

  2. d'awww! I dunno where he got to, Mike! I think if he came back within earshot my cat would relish pouncing on the shocked little guy and then I'd know.

    If the building has "mice" then we'll have to get those humane traps or the cats may have to really earn the food we keep buying them.

    It was awful to see the poor baby thing be treated like a hockey puck. But even after a 5 foot slider it could still run so fast it was unnerving!

    I found out it was a mouse by shining a flashlight into Paul's shoe and seeing the long worm like tail! Yee.

  3. Well, at least the little guy was still alive when last you saw it... I found a dead lizard in my driveway the other morning with what looks like cat fang marks in it. I had to kick it across the street and down into the woods so my dog doesn't roll in it everyday!

  4. I don't know why, but when you said "cat fang marks in it" it makes me laugh?!

  5. oh, and no more roof garden for years! The landlord had several phone company cell towers up there which would mean we'd be cooked in the microwaves to dare go up.

    No sunshine for shell shell.

  6. LOL, glad it lived through the encounter.


  7. Me too! I didn't know if I should put a jar over it and try to release it outside like a spider. This way it is likely with... it's family? yipes.

  8. i had one in my bread bin the other day, the little sod burrowed right though a seeded wholmeal i had just bought, our lovley but useless cat is with us no longer, time to get a new kitten methinks.

  9. HA! Cheeky bugger! Get a kitten who has been taught by it's mum what to do to dispatch mice. They have no idea otherwise. True story.

  10. gl. has left a new comment on your post "Real Mouse in Halfland!":

    ah, too bad! did the mouse at least take one of the journals with him when he left? ;)

    HA! I think he just slipped away while he could, with empty paws. But I love that idea, gl!


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