Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Trying to find out why on earth the earth moves during these tests. Mike kindly pointed out the unintentional shimmy.

This test is using the tripod head on smoothmover clamped to a piece of 1/2" plywood sitting on a crate on a sawhorse table next to the set sitting in a plastic tub.

(Previous test was the same only using a single tube articulated arm superclamped to a metal tray on the crate.)

Christine, who helped me finish prepping the set for this new test, and I figured the bounce of the arm was longer than the set's from the flexible floor moving. But now I'm thinking it's the set needing to be more secure, more firmly attached in place.

(It was also Christine's ingenious idea to create that green fuzzy painted faux fur cloth tacked at the back of the scene to fill in any gaps in any set up. She should patent that.)


  1. Yum, I'll have flies with that!

  2. Musca Tempora, you mean, Nick!

    Mike pointed out the ground is shaking in these clips. Either the bouncy floor or the camera platform.

    May have to use it as a deliberate effect.

  3. Nice! I already like the test shot so much!

    I think it doesn't really matter how long this is going to take you! You do an awesome job! (and you have a time frog!)


  4. Thanks so much, Jessica!

    It wasn't lost on you that I started with the Time Frog. I need his help.

    You are just the best.


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