Thursday, April 04, 2013

Weaving Butterfly Wings

Built while still recovering, one of the final props for the main set. This, for the porch next to the wisteria vine chair, a rustic tapestry-style loom sits in the sun. Rana, the film's main character, weaves butterfly wings as her art. Art within art. My art makes her own art.

A friend donated an old blouse to the project--no, she meant for me to wear it--but I cut it up into several sort of lace butterflies to use as the weft for the tapestry style 1/2L butterflies. One, half-done on the loom Rana keeps on her front porch (seen being made top images) and standing on her porch in the middle. The little one, finished in wool yarns with roving body and wool blanket yarn antenna, shown on the bottom will be featured in one of the opening title sequences for the series.


  1. So many new posts! And all of them look great! So much visible progress… – I just love what you're doing and I'm enjoying the images a lot!

  2. Hooray! Thank you so much, Jessica! I'm feeling strong enough to post now.

  3. That's good to hear, Shelley! The images you posted are great appetizers! And it's great to have some support, too, isn't it? Christine! seems to be a great HL fit!

  4. So purrrty!


  5. this? THIS is the sort of wonderful obsession that makes me love halfland even more. seriously: YOU MADE A LOOM AND ARE WEAVING BUTTERFLY WINGS USING AN EMBROIDERED BUTTERFLY SHIRT-WEFT. SERIOUSLY? seriously. my mind: it is blown.

  6. Thanks, Justiggity! xox

    Wow, gl!!! I am thrilled that you are digging it over here!

    Just so you know, it's all special effect movie magic, the loom isn't really a working loom. Hopefully successfully suggests one.

    The little butterfly was made by needle pointing wools into a small butterfly from the blouse and the large one half-done on the loom was attached after it was filled.

    The concept is as you felt it was. The execution is practical.

    I do love the idea that my art project has her own art projects though!


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