Thursday, September 24, 2020

Catching Up: A Lovely Grey Cloud Has Passed Over

Our long-time life companion, Cloud, passed away a while back and thought you should know.

She had had a stroke at some point and would fall down each step but then somehow kind of healed herself from that and lived a year or so longer. She never adjusted to having the two newer cats in the house and seemed unhappy since they arrived. We didn't know the optimal way to introduce them, not that in Cloud's case it would have improved their reception.

I think her being the Queen of the house--and then suddenly not--
rubbed her the wrong way and I'm truly sorry about that.

At rest in a square of sunlight, a few days before her passing.

As a wee rescue kitty found in the flower pots at our local home improvement store. 

Being starved nearly to death, she weighed 00.0 on the vet's scale when we took her right in and bit the nurse's finger when she opened a can of food for her, so hungry was our little grey cloud.

With early trauma like that, she was rightfully always food-obsessed. Here you see her just after stealing a huge beef roast off the counter, hot from the oven, bigger than she was, dragging it between her legs nearly tripping over it with each step. This is how she looked as I just took it away from her for our dinner. She is wondering how she can get it back.

I loved her. She had a very healing purr and would come to me when I sang her special song out loud.

For more fun photos and stories about Cloud, they're posted to Halfland Underground.

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