Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Tarn's Entrance

Sketch of half crow woman, Tarn. A mock-up of how she might look when we first see her outside
the cottage window at night. I was after your seeing a human face outside the window first and
then a giant crow staring back from the side of her face in the shadow, i.e.; the Halfland effect.

I have in mind a reworking of the lower jaw in the Tarn puppet. I am not entirely happy with the marriage of the lower beak to a human jawline. The puppet ended up looking more comedic then I was hoping so I was using the opportunity of making this digital sketch to work the concept out a bit better.

I need there to be no human chin and a large curved bill, like how my own profile feels when I let my jaw go slack, like this...

[candid shots]

But the result shouldn't look like a pelican either, as the current puppet looks above.

This exercise (sketch at top) helped me to see why I made the choices I did. But it also gave me the idea of how to modify the jaw to get closer to what I am after with the sketch.

In case you're interested, I composed the sketch digitally with this image (screengrab in an old movie that struck me as the right feeling for this shot in Tarn's entrance sequence.)

And this image (screengrab of a YouTube channel I follow that features trained corvis birds.)

I wanted a sketch of Tarn that had the right mood so I could put together some sound ideas from after yesterday's fun with the opening background sounds.

Want to hear the first background soundscape for Tarn's Entrance sequence? <<<<Click the link to the Super Generator and let it load! (Picture the visuals of the scenes rendered in the style of the top image.)

Here's a still shot of the 28 elements composed and controlled as I wanted them. (If you hover your cursor over each slider in the actual SuperGen linked above, you will be able to see the names of each specific sound that was used to make the scape.) Enjoy!

Note the notes: The ASMR style whisper you hear is more like the negativity that comes with this character and not the character herself speaking verbally. When I add a hit of glass shatter and baby crying effects I have into the mix, it'll be so right on!

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