Fowl Mood

I'm in such a foul mood lately. Could be menopause as I am that aged (45). If this mood is only due to peri-menopause then the world had better brace itself in about 10 years.
The good news is that as a result I realized that the Painting Chicken with a face (mine) in Halfland will be in a foul/fowl mood too. Artists are rarely happy with their works. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone.


  1. Lovely Picture, She is very Cute!

    My Painting is gonna be on that Canvas!, This pushes me to work harder!

  2. Yep, Your painting will be on that canvas! You can do several if you like as she'll have a few stacked up around the easel as well. Maybe that'll get you into a flow of making one more easily. Don't work it too hard, Ben. Just a nice easy green landscape of hills and sky.

    You can put an egg in the middle if you like!

  3. Glad you could take some inspiration from being in a stinker!

  4. Thanks very much, Paul.I'm glad I still care about Halfland. It's really inexplicable how this project can remain so paramount in importance to me, despite rough moods or circumstances so far. (I've moved homes with their giant cement puppet molds, et al no less than EIGHT times in the last 14 years!) Why I still think about it everyday is a mystery but I'm thankful.

  5. love your chicken painter.

  6. Anonymous4:52 AM

    I hope you are happier soon

  7. Thank you so much, Jessica (*MY* Rose Red!) Maybe I'll have him breaking his/her brushes in disgust in the film, muttering to himself like a chicken clucking. That'd be good!

    Thank you Rachael. I am definitely out of the funk. Whew. That was horrible.

    I've been thinking about your Flowers and taken several photos here of flowers around the house. I'll make a post of a sketch, coming up soon. I've got to make you a package of an armature or two too. I'll try to give fun things for you to play with for making the sculpture(s).

    My thoughts are getting back to blooming.

  8. Hey Shelley, glad to hear you're feeling better!

  9. Thanks so much, Mike. It's so kind of you to comment here after my pissed off email the other day at the height (or depth) of my funk.

    That's friendship!

  10. Hey, that's what friends are for!

    ... shal we do a singalong?

  11. Circle up for gratitude sharing!

    One of the good results from my doldrums was that I blewe away all my stat counters her! Yay, now I have no idea how many people if any visit. No more maps, no more live counts of any kind. It's changed that way I relate to the blog. Now I'm not posting to keep fresh for the high numbers but making posts for the project. This way I can imagine an audience of any size I'd like and that they are happy! Better living through self denial! Woo hoo! Comments are my only lifeline to what you think of it.

    I also just loaded all my daily must-read blogs into Bloglines (you're on it!) that will show in boldface when new posts are up. That should save a lot of click time! I'd signed up 2 years ago but never used it like I'm about to. I know Grant at Objects at Rest swears by using an aggregate for this reason.

  12. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Who needs numbers? We're all here, whether the counter's working or not!
    Hey, you qualify for membership of the International Society of Chicken Puppet Animators! No fees, no membership lists, just the fun of animating chickens. You might be the first with a painting chicken... (I'll change the subject now, Mike's looking at me funny.)

    Quadropus is now a plaster mould and 2 armatures, waiting for when I foam a bigger puppet.

  13. Hey Nick! Wouldn't dare say that any of us is "all here" LOL! But your point is taken deeply to heart. Yes.

    As is the fact that you've made a Quadropus for 1/2L!! This puppet may command his own mini film at some point! Woo!

    I can't thank you enough.

    As soon as there are any photos of him/her I'll add them to the sea critter slide show, at right.



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