Rose Red

**MY** Rose Red on the left in a detail of a portrait taken near her home in Pennsylvania recently. Isn't she the most beautiful creature?! Gah! Perfect. On the right is the Russian image from a picture or production that I can't identify but will shamelessly copy for the composition and mood for Halfland's finale.

The lovely Rose Red would be the perfect real person to be cast at the end of the first Halfland series. It's a Dénouement at the very end of the film where we back out of a white fade at the last scene's story and transition into a white fade up on a young beauty playing with simple paper puppet versions of the Halfland characters against a sheer woven curtain for a shadow play.

I'll send her everything ready to shoot at her house, or supply her with the materials and let her create the puppets--IF--that would be in some way fun for her rather than work. Otherwise, she'll get the script and the props in a ready to go box kit. It'll just be a few brief seconds on film, but it will finish the whole concept as beautifully as she is.

I'm hoping to be able to talk her into it! Woo hoo! Internet, I love you.


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    That's a fabulous portrait shot. Great lighting, brings out a luminous quality. I like the book obscuring part of the face too.

  2. That is a great idea - & having seen her in person I can say that she is even prettier in real life

  3. What a Cool Idea, I will e-mail you about the Painting!

    Before Reading make sure you take a deep breath...


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