Good Reef!

Added him to the PictoBrowser slide show in the sidebar. (Be sure to keep emailing in your sketches and photos of your Halfland Sea Critters! nobledesign[at]sbcglobal[dot]net)

Lots to say, but for tonight I'll post this little sketch inspired by a little crab I saw in a tank the other day. I saw a particularly spectacular aquarium that gave me a clear view on how to craft the landscape for our undersea set. It will, as with the other sets for the film, involve masses of paper and plaster dressed on natural materials.

Art as my Life Quote:
He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god. --Aristotle


  1. That old Aristotle, he had his wits about him huh?

    Love that quote - a beast or a god

    Herm looks great, i really like the shell, it almost looks translucent

  2. Thanks, Mark. I can relate to the quote, knowing which I am.

    The shell is from here. I tooks a photo and added the hermit dude. Photoshopped the sketch texture and color.

    Hey--make me a fish! c'mon!

  3. OK one fishy sea creature comming up!

  4. what is he eating? it looks tasty.

  5. Yay! Hooray for Mark!!!!

    hee, Lemon Cupcake!! yay! yummmmm.

    gl, will you *sew* Halfland a little fishy??

  6. i'll probably make something, but i don't know what yet.

  7. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Ha Ha, Brill Hermit. Did you know (on the subject of Hemits) that a man once stood for years living on a Stone Pillar!

    Thanks for your comment on the Kitchen at the "We are all mad around here" House. The Toaster Plays a tune when the toast is ready and the Smoothie Maker has Micky Mouse Legs!

  8. Hooraaaay for Gretchin making something! I know it will be very clever--I mean whom else but Gretchin would think to silkscreen onto mini pancakes with chocolate sauce ink?!

    Thanks Ben, you mean the hermit guy stood there all that time? Wild. I'm like that a little, except I get out for ballet.

  9. Hmmmm..... there was a movie called Simon of the Desert, I think it's by Bunel. This guy Simon got religion and decided to spend years standing on a post in the desert, just like his namesake Saint Simon (SP?) did. Very powerful movie.

    So Shelley, so sorry to hear the bad news!!! You're becoming a hermit now, and rejecting human society? Will you be contacting the people who offered to make puppets and letting them know that you can no longer accept help from people?

    And of course, I guess it means Halfland is no longer in production.... of course you won't be able to live in a comfortable loft apartment in a major metropolitan area.... can't use the things of society anymore, like money, processed food, mechanical transportation, and luxuries like electricity, computers, the internet.....

    Of course the internet would hold no slightest interest for one who shuns human society... what is it after all but a way for people to communicate? And a hermit doesn't communicate with people!

    .... And does this mean we have you call you Beast now? ;)

  10. Touché! Welcome and appropriate sarcasm, Mikeee.

    How about Relative Reclusivity? Compared to a teenage out-every-night party raver?

    You're right, I do love the net peoples. It's almost like being alone. But better. :)

  11. Relative reclusivity.... meaning you like everyone except the inlaws?

    Nyuck nyuck!

    Hey, I'm right there wth you on that one! I definitely can't call myself a hermit (well, my family always did, but jokingly) - but let's say I can only handle humanity in small doses. I exist on the fringes of society, while enjoying all of it's benefits. But I'm definitely happy to share in my small society of like-minded lunatics!

  12. Hey herself!

    cool crabcakes there .....

    Keep creating girl were rootin for ya daily!!


  13. Thanks, Justin. I am. Just on Christmas cards. Thanks for the cheering on though! Makes all the difference to me.

  14. OH MY GOD!! JUSTIN!!!!!!! You did it! You guys that read here are amazing!! You guys are writing the film now!

    CRAB CAKES!!!!!!!!! Of course! That's what Hermit is eating! Yaya! Wait-- you know I mean sweet cakes that crabs eat and not cakes made of crabs! yeah? yaya!

  15. beautiful creature. he looks haunted, slightly humorous. just doing what he can to get by. Great job, love him!

  16. Thanks so much, Ryan! Coming from you I take the vote of confidence as just that.

  17. how do i contribute to sea creatures? I dont understand?

  18. Omagawd, yay! Ryan, here's the sweet sweet deal: (for more info about it scroll down in side bar on right too >)

    You are invited to make a small (1-4") puppet, no fancy armature needed, out of any material at all, of any wild and crazy undersea fish or other critter that lives in the sea on the way to Halfland as your imagination sees fit.

    It's a donated contribution but there are extra hoot points if it is related to half things. Nick H. is making a Quadrapus (half an octopus!) and Jeffery Roche is making a Octopuss (half octopus-- half cat!) for examples. I'm making Hermit, the crab cake eater seen in the sketch.

    All puppets mailed to me by the 15th of March, 2008 to: P.O. Box 111509, Los Angeles, CA 90011 USA will appear in the underwater scene of the movie with the artist's name and link included in the crawl at the end with all my thanks.

    I thought of this because I'm having so much fun working on characters for the film that I thought this would be a good scene to open up to readers here to dip their toe in the water too and make a little quick something for the fun of it!

    What do you think? You gonna? What's under the sea in Halfland?!


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