The Earth Moved

A few minutes ago we had a 5.8 (witness map here)(USGS) 5.4 (CalTech), 30 second movement earthquake here in Los Angeles. It was a low rumble build up, where you would think the construction site across the street was bringing in the big equipment to drop something huge, then it got bigger to where you knew it was an earthquake. It's the massive roaring sound coming from the earth that gives the primal mind the first clue. The whole floor made waves and columns swayed, then a big jolt burst underneath where you would lose your balance walking as if on a ship in rough seas.

I panicked and chose to take refuge against a small wall on the back side of our loft hoping that if this was the Big One this wall would create a triangle of space for me not to be crushed. The cats scrambled for behind the washing machine, which is kind of the smartest choice actually. The washer would likely create a little triangle tent if one were right next to it should the whole thing come down.

I tried to make myself roll up next to the sofa back for that triangle support trick as I was advised from emergency prep study but it felt so venerable to be in the open space! I couldn't do it.

This thankfully was not the Big One. Some small things fell off shelves, some cement rubble fell from a crack in the ceiling over my desk. No broken windows or shattered ceramics even. The radio is saying the quake ruptured 8 miles underneath the surface thus making it's percussive force dissipate in relative gentle waves.

One lesson from this is that both and line and cell phones were worthless. One can be sure that will be the case for any disaster. The power in this case was on and I was able to tell Paul that I was alright via TWITTER! Time to hook up with Skipe or Ooma voice over internet for this reason.

The first call that got through after the quake was from a telemarketer. Cockroaches.

Off to survey damage and locate all cats.

Take care all, Shelley


  1. yeek! i was fortunate to have missed any major earthquakes when i lived in san diego. glad you & paul & the kitties are all okay!

  2. Thanks, you guys! Viva la Twitter! Paul was so grateful to hear all was well via that as the phones were kaputnik.

    Dick Kaneshiro emailed shortly after to check on everyone in Halfland's okness, what a total sweetie! He's a friend one can rely on in an emergency. Nice to know.

    Everything back to normal, thank GOD.

    Only 5% chance of what happened being a fore-shock, at least on that fault.

  3. ha!! felt it over here in burbank too!

    nice little 2 second ride.....

    glad all are well.


  4. ha!! felt it over here in burbank too!

    nice little 2 second ride.....

    glad all are well.


  5. Eeek! Glad you're alright!

  6. Man I miss those shake downs out there.

  7. I'm glad to hear you folks are ok! (and your massive and beautiful set too :)

  8. We barley felt it down here in SD, glad to hear no real damage for you. They can be scary when they get going.

    Cats safe, Shelley safe, Halfland safe - good news!

  9. Thanks, you guys! Yeah I feel all of us away with something yesterday.

    Absolutely no one was hurt, no damages were done at all. Amazing.

    I'm completely grateful.

    Grateful Grateful.

  10. (^ good thing you added all that burlap huh?

    (^ speaking of extraneous materials.

    (^ you ever used bamboo leaves?
    (^ got tons of the stuff here.
    (^ think of it as really really strong corn husks.
    (^non toxic. easily added as strengtheners in one direction: rip apart the other.

    (^ stainable: assorted sizes for easy forced perspective pops.

    (^ like dry wall tape but eco friendly. lasts long time. looks natural on set because it IS.

    (^ anywho. you want some or you prefer to use palm leaf shoots ?

  11. Glad you are ok, all cats are accounted for and that everything is in one piece!

    Makes me rather glad I live in England, where when we have an earthquake we don't even realise it's happened until we hear it on the news: 'Earthquake causes painting to fall off wall in Bradford, teapot collection rattled...'

    Oh yeah, parcel was posted on Wednesday so should arrive late next week.

  12. Thanks Edwound, yes, lapped just in time.

    I finished the integrity layer now, but thank you indeed for the bamboo leaf offer!

    I love your idea of using natural materials to reinforce. I'd love to do that with an art project where the materials used are part of the concept.

    Hi Ceri! We in LA were very lucky that day.

    Can't wait for your package! Than you again!

  13. Blimey Shelley... so glad you're alright! x

  14. Thank you, Rima! It was thankfully absolutely nothing. A lucky day for all in Los Angeles.


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