Notice the Lotus

I've learned a lot in the last year especially. As I make more props and set elements for the film series, I find that I look much more carefully at how things really are. It isn't good enough anymore to sort of simulate a thing (see previous lotus flowers, bottom right.) I find it now just as easy to go a bit deeper and make things a bit more realistic.

Here I've used wax paper to cut out temple-shaped translucent petals and embossed them with radiating lines using a hand-scoring tool. I wound yellow thread around a piece of copper to form the stamen tufts and painted the tips of each cut thread end with burnt orange acrylic.

I carved a small piece of micro-cell foam (a Japanese cleaning sponge) into the lotus' flat seedcase. I glued small (appropriately named) seed beads into its concave top and used a micro brush to touch a tint speck of dark rum paint onto the top of each bead.

This bloom will rise from the pond water where the Time Frog resides, its budding stalks and buds emerging through the floating leaves on the surface, far above its thick, slinky rootstock.


  1. m_) Very impressed how you can bring the reality to your own reality in a so accurate kind of way.

    These petals seem so from this world to me, but here you are, bringing your own halfland version of them...


    Keep it up my friend, keep inspiring me.

    By the way, I am hoping to update my blog more often from now on.
    Do you have facebook?

  2. m_) yay, I was first, once at all.

    ah the child in me

  3. Thanks, Dan

    I have to stay far far away from Facebook. Not "on task" enough for my Halfland obsessed ass. But I did just add you as a contact at Vimeo! (By the way, saw your photo there, you're so pretty! Great portrait attitude.)

  4. beautiful work Shelley.

  5. m_) FACEBOOK is killing me too , artistically speaking, BUT...found new ways to not let me get too crazy. Basically I stopped accepting any invitations, and I refuse to read anyone's statues.

    Unless it gets too tempting, like a new sculpture from a friend or things like that...

    but definitely effective when you really need to say something to your people.

    We were talking with jodi about my profile and big aversion towards it, by which I am in self-denial. But I will stop it here and see if I can get some drawings done tonight.

    Take care,

    You are pretty too. of course :)

  6. Yes! Here is the LOTUS. No way to not to notice this beautiful flower you created here. Checking back your previous lotus flower was interesting. That one looks pretty too but this lotus here is definetely a lot more realistic. Actually, if I did not see the first two pics on the top, I could have said that those were the real lotus flowers you hold there in your hand.

    I can see this bloom rising from the pond water. Simply beautiful...

  7. Thanks, Gentleman Dan! Stay strong.

    Hi Yaz Yaz, The pond is really shaping up! Cirelle beautifully planted reeds and grasses, we finished a papyrus stand, Cattails coming, etc. and I started making a koi puppet (simple style) that will only be seen rising up towards the surface of the murky water.

    Now, You've got me too excited. I've got to post a bit...

  8. Great!!!! Waiting for the post excited too.

  9. Wow, the lotus are spectacular! So delicate and real.

  10. Thanks, Yaz and Marcie!


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