Saturday, June 07, 2014

Beady Bugs

One of the fast-to-make bead bugs turned itself into an ant so I went with it. Now it's eating cake at the party.
I forget how it started, but I remember I realized I needed to make lot of bugs... oh yeah! it was the idea of making footlight fireflies for the bug party stage that got me going. I knew I wanted five identical little critters, with light up bums, and I didn't want to labor over them. Fast and easy was the notion. BEADS! bingo. I didn't drill them, although that could be done, with a fine hand drill if more care/time were wanted.

I used 32 gauge steel wire from Kit Kraft (my favorite wire), using the holes already there, kept layering and assembling shapes, seeing what might happen. It was so fun. All different bugs came into being really quickly. None of them were useful for the footlights but they ALL got used as guests at the party (see upcoming party scene photos to see if you want to try to spot where).

The point of this post is to tell you that this bead method worked so well it gave me the pathway to make all the creatures listed on the project trays seen at lower right! Hooray for beads!

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