Clean Up Crew

Poor little buggy is the lone staff at the bug party. He alone will have to clean up after everyone else's good time. Something so sad and forlorn about this little fellow.
One of the quickie Beady Bugs looked so meek and humble, he kind of dictated that he should be the only one working while everyone else was having a party. I had a blast painting his little beetle back with stripes and ugly nub bumps. I gave him a sliced wood tray stacked high with dirty dishes and have him using all his arms to wipe up messes. One of the cups is rigged to swing from his antennae.


  1. Wow ... even better in daylight ! (for my eyes that is ...)

  2. Hi Els, yeah, the daylight makes it easier to see the stuff but I'll need a bit of night feel for the party. It's supposed to show what happens at night when we can't see as clearly!!

  3. Poor wee waiter bug, staggering along with that big tray of tiny dishes! How are you going to animate such little critters? I use tweezers for my mini-puppets like rats or 1:24 humans. Nice to see them all in better light. For night scenes, a bit of rim lighting (back lighting) can give a bit more definition, while still maintaining the overall darkness.

  4. Thank you for the lighting tip, Nick! Much appreciated. I recently also discovered the entire party lights up under UV light! Tons of hidden patterns and eye glow due to florescent paint used in production. Was not expecting that.

    Animation movement will be extremely limited. The wee waiter bug (his new name :)) will likely just glide-waddle by (in a slot/legs below frame) with a tea cup swinging from his antennae.


  5. How creative, this WeeWB is quite a character, I think he likes his job! He will be talking about it for a long time.


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