The Canvas Report

I love what Downstairs Clare has done on his gynormous canvas. I was happy to see black paint on there when I popped down earlier today. The first moves are always the hardest to do.

No staring at a blank page for him, I'm happy to report Clare made a start on the biggie. I really love the way it looks, the balance and movement of the line, the composition looks pleasingly complete to me. When he feels a better soon I'll bet he go at it with some tone on tone, pale, textures and dimensional neutral lines of acrylic pastes. But then again, he might surprise me with an audacious choice of color!

Feel better soon Clare Bear.


  1. Let's see if your comment section it being nice today or not..

    My creative juices flow when I see this canvas, Painting large seems more appealing to me.

  2. Hi Corey! I can fully imagine you painting large. What's stopping you?! Nova Paint ships internationally!!! Go outside, if weather permits. Perhaps by your huge stone fountain? If you have a wash line, you might be able to weigh down the bottom edge of a sheet with bricks? Get messy!! What fun!

  3. I haven't painted that large in YEARS, its quite sad really....I love Clare's image, even as it is now...deliberate yet whimsical? difficult combination :)

  4. That is so sad, Jeff. If I ran the world, you be able to create all your art without having to work at a money job. Italy, 1340 anyone? Well, there was illness and short lives then, nevermind.

  5. Thanks for the update on Clare's painting, I hope we get to see more as it progresses.
    It's so fun to see how other people work when they create art.

  6. Anonymous9:53 AM


    So, I could see myself asking one of two questions at this point:

    What's the next step in making 1/2L that you feel excited about?


    What's the thing that's getting in your way right now? (That you either don't know how to do... Or fear/dread doing... Or the outside obligation/habit that's stealing your time?)

  7. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hey Shellsy --

    Are we done with the "*nudge*" portion of this online relationship? I certainly don't want to contribute to that guilt wasp that you described over on flickr!

    Nudging is not something I naturally do -- I tend to feel like the best way to support artists is not with ass-kicking, but with dreaming and wishing together. But you seemed to want to "be held accountable" for a while there...

    What would you like a friend to do?

  8. Thank you, Svennie my Friennie. I answered these comments at great breathy length in today's post. Any ideas?


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