Haggy Halloween

Another brief pause for ladies distress...

(This sketch is based on the first shot I ever took with a digital camera, about 1995. I was up for several days in a row trying to create a catalog for a graphic client after convincing them that the "new" digital approach was the way to go. This was me trying to configure the rented camera and learn how it worked. It caught me in my common state of sensational disarray and unique haggyhood.) I post the image today as it typifies how I'm feeling physically today, pretty worn and worn out.

Christmas card creation has begun in earnest here in the Halfland shop. Every year Himself and I mail out around 100 handmade holiday cards to family and friends*. It is a lot of fun for me and our way of sending heartfelt wishes of comfort and joy to those we love and care for.

*I sincerely consider all who visit here to be my good friends. If I don't already have your address, and you would like to be included on our annual card list simply email a mailing address to nobledesign AT sbcglobal DOT net.

Future Post Warning: There's been a convergence from various disparate sources in the last few days on the subject of the creative art process that have me piecing a new-to-me notion together slowly. I'm formulating it to share and discuss.


  1. What 'chu talkin' bout Shellis?!??!?!?!!

    That looks like a glamour shot!

  2. Wha? I like the laser bore intensity of my right eye staring through the lens, which is emblematic for how I generally go through life, looking hard deeply trying to understand its workings. I like the Japanese witch hairstyle as that's how I typically walk around at home.

    Paul once showed me a 1964 Japanese "horror" (not scary, artful) film called, Kwaidan cool trailer here if you like whose name means "weird tales" and was four supernatural ghost stories in one. (The trailer says that Kwaidan is as close to fine art as cinema can get. Nice line.) but all I remember of it, in addition to the beautiful title sequence of ink dropping into water, was a grey crazy-haired "witch" haunting her betraying husband. She turns around with the same hairdo and expression I have in the photo above and floats toward him and scares the bujeebus outta him driving him mad.

    Paul and I joke that we replay that scene when he comes home from work at night as I greet him from across our long wide colonnade! hee. (I walk around in tattered rags and stopped brushing my hair about 3 years ago. Looking nice too too much time away from other things.)

  3. doh, I don't know how to link outside my comments. Here the linkity in long hand, In case anyone's interested in checking it out. it was highly prized in its day.


  4. yeah, i love that picture. and i'm already excited about the xmas cards! :D

  5. Awww, thanks, Gretch'in! Scarlet Star Studio's is covered for sure!

  6. Maybe this is more like what you're describing?


  7. Whoah..... !

    Just flipped to TCM and Kwaidan is on! It's something I've always wanted to see since sombody brought it up on the epic Silent Movies thread (which obviously ended up covering a lot of classics and world cinema after a while, completely outside of silent cinema).

    OOps... it's over, and Robert Osbourne is talking about it now. Oh well. Nevermind!

  8. YES! That's it, Mike! But the total effect is enhanced by seeing the old witch come toward the guy with arms outstretched ("Hi Honey, you're home!") in scary silence. Especially when it's dark in our long hall. Unnerving AND funny!

    After looking up the film to mention it, Paul and I are keen to Flix it again to see it with new cinema appreciation. (I showed Paul the trailer and he thought it holds up visually, even today!)


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