Thursday, October 05, 2006


Scrap plastic spacers help to align clear panes for my new (hopefully) workable window making solution.

Slowfull time. I put up my Halloween decorations, slept all day on couch (nice, huh?), and only started in to start in. I'm kind of punky and waiting on the b'smurchment. Himself said this week proved one thing, that even with a project blog, a vast support system, a supportive mate, a marvelous audience waiting for action, and finally the time to do it, I still don't get Halfland done. Couldn't argue with that at all. Today, this week actually, I had nothing but sweet, luscious, juicy, succulent, generous blocks of time that could have been filled with great progress, or some progress. I think part of it is that I stay up surfing around or doing small miscellaneous work things until 2,3,4 and sometimes 5 am which in turn causes slobbery deep nap drooling the next day after a meal on the sofa, the evil sofa. I'm not sure that getting earlier sleep and waking early would make a difference in Halfland. I'll have to see.

There's so much on it I'd like to do.


  1. Hey, don't let it get you down. You're not a failure now because you didn't work on your movie today. Keep in mind what Sven said recently.... you can't be "the artist who works all the time". I think it's necessary to take days off, sometimes a few in a row if not a week off, and then get back to it refreshed.

  2. Thanks, Mike. But that's how I got here, 15+ years later. I keep imagining I'll get things squared away, I'm hugely closer, but there's always something going on. This week it's this weird Smurchwatch 2006™ where I don't feel well enough to do much (haven't left the house once) but I'm not fully down for the count either. A whole week!

    I quickly move to Gratefulville and count my blessings of aliveness, energy I do have, and lack of pain, etc. infinity.

    I will get this Halfland party started, next week.


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