How She Sparkles

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I spotted this real Tudorbethen Bay Window in a nearby neighborhood a while ago and finally crept up to it today to snap this pic. see how she sparkles?

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I sneaked a bit closer to get a shot of the window's construction when.. What the--?! What have they done? What goes on here? There seems to be a wavy plastic sheeting attached somehow to both sides of the window? That was NOT noticeable from further away? Hmm, maybe the real old-style way of making these--leaks! You can still see that the iron work looks thin and soldered though.

In other news, Himself and I stopped in (After paying a $1 admission that undoubtedly keeps out the riffraff.) to an old shop on main Street in Santa Monica called Jadis and owned by the sweet and enigmatic, Parke Meek, who was there sitting quietly reading a paper. I wanted to check out the marvelous automata works whirling away in the shop's window (Seen partially in the left of the 2nd photo in article linked.) and see what else they had hidden in there. It was a place that had nice owners with a merchandise collection hard to pin down exactly.

There were mostly huge scientific glassware and odd old mad scientist gear laying around with HUGE prices on them. There were odd collections of old tintypes, cameras and gobos. I read the articles about the shop's history and rummaged around and was ready to spilt when I spied an antique pair of eyeglasses, with the wire pounded flat for the ear piece and the nose bridge wire was wrapped with silk thread, for $2. I wish I could have my Rx put into these old frames, now, that would be an original fashion statement! They, along with a couple odd lenses and hinges that I'll use in my layered shadow box works, for $1 a piece had me come away feeling like I'd scored a find.


  1. Wow, you're probably lucky you didn't get SHOT!!! Sneaking up to people's windoews and taking pictures like that... they probably wouldn't believe you were trying to get details of the window itself. Looks like a nice well-to-do house in a well-to-do neighborhood too... just the kind of place where people shoot first and ask questions later.

    Strange though.... it looks from the pics like the iron latticework is just kind of sitting there about three or four inches away from the glass? I'm sure that's not the case, but I can see what looks like a reflection of it in the glass.

  2. I know! I was quick about it. As I was leaving, I waved the wave that said, "I'm not a creep." (Besides, everyone but I mean everyone here in LA is USED to having their all stuff photographed. Every street a movie set, no kidding.) I guess this makes me a Mamarazzo?

    The ironwork was definitely on the glass and the triple reflections that make it look set away, seem to be coming from the plastic sheeting.

    Now I'm wondering why I've been putting gaps in between the panes in the first place. Why not just seam them side by side? Moret tests to run .


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