Friday, December 08, 2006

If I Did Do Math

Now, If I were able to do math, as many of you know I am not, I would have run a little ol'calculation and determined that the total amount required of the twenty separate pieces to complete eighty of our fully-articulated Christmas card/puppet toys would have had me hand-cutting over sixteen hundred intricate pieces of paper. That isn't even counting preparation of the papers with paints, aging, and varnishes, or the time needed for assembling them into a toy, and finesse finishing.

I've been painting, gluing, cutting, and snipping away for many, many hours over the last few weeks and should have fifty cards ready to send out by the end of this weekend. It really is enjoyable work and while unlikely to be worth the amount of total time spent making them, they will be carrying our sincere love to each recipient. Isn't that what it's all about in the end?

It always seems to come down to a issue over time with me, no matter what the job, my joy to stress ratio runs high. Ironically, I'm pretty sure time doesn't really exist in quantum terms, so, the only real impediment to my thorough enjoyment of life is a complete illusion. Hmm.

Happy Holiday Preparations to you and yours as well.


  1. yeah, the mathematics of time always gets me, too.

  2. I like the way you put that, Gretchin. And thanks for admitting it's a challenge. I'm thinking it must be nearly universal. Such a strange thing, time. Who's idea was that?!

  3. Would our time be more productive if we divided our day in 44 hours? What about if we didn't use any sort of time measure? One thing is for sure: you could be doing something more useful with your time than reading this comment.


  4. If reading comments here is wrong, I don't want to be right, Man. You so funny.

    I like both non-time ideas you mention, Ale. I'm so happy when I don't know what time it is. I like saying, 'Tis a bonny hour, rather than knowing a limiting number on a clock.

    I read about how previous ages used to go to bed early, at dusk, and then wake up in the middle of the night, have a meal and a chat by candle light, and then sleep a few more hours before dawn. Something like that. Sweet.

  5. I think I read somewhere that the human body is at it's peak if it can do 4 hour work sleep cycles, kind of like a cat.

    I have always wanted to try it but never had a schedule that would allow it.

    I know I can be very productive sometimes when I wake up at 3:00am - and work on a creative project - no distractions.

    Your holiday cards look like a real treasure, I am glad to hear you are finding joy in the creation. When you are done and the stress fades away you will be left with great memories of creating.

    I am of the opinion that all time is simultaneous.

    Here is to the bonny hour!

  6. Mark, you always say the most encouraging things! Last night I stayed up all night until 8 am, missed ballet class as a result today. As fun as it was, it makes mischief havoc with my life. Plus, I'm not supposed to be doing that anymore as it isn't supposed to be healthy for my body. But it sure felt good fun wise.

    I too love staying up all night working on something. My head is clear, I feel productive, time is finally my beotch, (there may/must be a natural chemical narcotic effect in the mix too, naturally occurring opiates?) In any case, I used to do it all the time but the problem was there was never an end to it. If one night felt good how about two? Three? I got used up like a 40 year old tube of toothpaste after a while. Flat and shiny.

    I agree that all time exists in the present moment entirely. That's my experience inwardly. When I have to function in the world and hit up against a more linear time approach I get a bit whacked with it.

    And, by the way, I don't know about your kitty-- but ov'r here, these beauties sleep 23.5 hours a day STRAIGHT!

  7. See what I mean. I took this shot of three of our four yesterday. I thought it meant the moon was in the seventh house or something the way their little noggins were aligned.

  8. I love that feeling when you're caught up in some project so much that time disappears! And I live my life at night, when the creative impulse is strongest. People think I'm crazy, and who am I to argue?

  9. Ha, come to think of it, your right, my cat's probably do sleep at least 20 hours a day.
    BTW great shot of yours all lined up for a group purr/nap.

  10. Hi Mike, I know what you mean about working/living at night. There's a relief in the quiet and darkness that isn't comparable.

    Hi Ben.

    Hi Mark, I thought you had one dog and one cat? Did you get a new kitty cat?

  11. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Love the photo, and the cats! I never seem to have enough time either, and my math sucks too... Guess its a pond we both swim in, I keep kicking... hoping I won't drown... Luck to you!

  12. I hear you, Ulla! I bet you've cut millions of paper doll/puppet piece for your original designs!

    Be sure to get me a mailing address* at my email; nobledesign [at] sbcglobal [dot] net. so I can send you one, if you like.

    *That goes for Kim, Corey, and my lurkers too? (the rest of you I believe I already have addresses for) which reminds me to say the these mailing addresses are kept for sending gifties only and would NEVER be given to anyone else for any other purpose.

    Happy Holidays!

  13. s

    Two cat's, sadly our dog Oscar had to be put down about 6 weeks ago, we miss him alot and so do the cats they were all buds.


  14. Oh man Mark, sad to hear it! That can be a really painful loss. Nothing loves you unconditionally like a dog!

    My condolences.

  15. Shelley, congrats on finishing the cards if you managed to do so over the weekend :) how many blisters and papercuts do you have? :)

    Mark, sorry to hear about your pup....that really sucks...

  16. I'm so sorry, Mark. Oscar was a real cutie pie, bless 'em.

    The cat in the back of that photo above is nigh on 18 next summer. She needs to eat now around-the-clock but she's pretty spry when chased by the cat in the middle. That's why it was so weird to see them dozing so close. I guess the hardship of Cold makes for all kinds of strange friendships.

    Much love going to your little family

  17. I cannot wait to see the final project!
    I am glad you didn't do the math...that is a true creative person to let art take over and not be lead by the daunting numbers!!

  18. Thank you Corey!! I think so too, phooey! Although, it would be nice to have the facility to think in mathematical terms! Eh, nevermind!


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