Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An Intense Day For God

It was an intense day for God when he created Hila Rosenberg Arazi. He took the rest of the day off to relax a bit after she was born on December 21st because He felt so satisfied with creating such a beautiful work of art, so filled to the brim with sweetness, strength, artistry and brilliance as she. That's why it's the shortest day of the year, in case you had ever wondered.

I'm celebrating today in the U.S. because she's living all the way on the other side of the earth in Australia--and it's already her birthday there! Our mutual friend, Ulla, hooked us up a few months ago and my admiration for Hila grows as I am able to appreciate the mastery of her model set construction as time goes by. You can't tell from the resolution in the card tribute, above showing her peering through one of the windows in the Agora set's room (stolen from a great shot taken by her husband, Gilad), but the detail in that is astonishing. The carved wood surrounding her is one example of her astounding level of loving features she puts into all her projects. Treat yourself to a proper look at her site at some of the great photos there.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Dear Hila. May this New Year be the best so far in your life!


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    O WOW Shell, I'm so overwhelmed and flattered.
    Yesterday I received your Xmas prancing elf puppet which was a pure animated delight :) and today a birthday card on your Halfland blog - I feel so lucky :)
    Thank you over and over for being such a wonderful far away friend.

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    How wonderful! Happy happy birthday Hila and thanks for sharing Shelly!

  3. Happy Birthday Hila, and many many more!

  4. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Thanks Ulla and Jeffrey.


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