Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir, Three-(er, seven actually)-Bags-Full

Sacrifices. A deeper-than-normal cut made whilst slicing out tags for the Christmas card puppets.

Two of the seven sacks of cards went out to the foreign and out-of-state folks last week. Two more sacks are complete and will go out with the last three-bags-full in tomorrow's mail. Some of the more exotic locations these little blokes will be arriving to shortly are Australia, Greece, UK, Argentina, Japan, and Brooklyn.

Santa's Workshop will Officially Close Wednesday and I'll be free to enjoy living in my Halfland once again. I've been thinking a lot about details for various aspects as I cut/snip/glue on the couch with great old movies (have you seen Carol Reeds' The Third Man?! So wonderful, very Citizen Kane-like!), a blanket during my "ladies" distresses.


  1. Congrats on finishing up (tomorrow)! unfortunately I'll be toiling away at my holiday bits and bobs until the wee hours of Christmas Eve, but thats expected, almost tradition....I too have been consumed with film ideas whilst forcing myself to work on non-stop-mo artsy-fartsy stuff...can't wait to 'dive' back into Jenny G :)

    Whatchoo thinkin 'bout workin on next? :P

  2. Um Jeffrey.... did you just become british? Funny how that seems to happen to all of us at times!

    Shelley, a 3 bandaid gash?!?? wow - that's pretty serious! I suppose these little guys have a bit of your blood in them!

    Mine has arrived, and I've posted about him at my blog, though unfortunately I'm experiencing (ever-worsening) computer ailments that have made it impossible for me to take pictures or do animation (which your present made me immediately want to do). Hopefully I can get the computer fixed in January, and then all will be back to normal in Darkland as well.

  3. Oh, come on! Only 3 band aids?! Get over it!
    I should tell you sometime about when my whole head was set on fire...damn I gotta look for those pics xD

    (true story...I swear)

    [Thanks again for the Xmas thingy ;)]

  4. @ East-ender Jeffery, Thanks, I'm in the thick of it here, yikers! 35 more to go, whoosh, crazy! But as you, as soon as their done, I'm all done for Christmas giving this year, so that's good! Then I can go back to being selfish! Whew.

    I'm thinking of everything for Halfland all at once. I'll have to break it down into tasks. Mainly, what I've been thinking in my head about it has been interesting camera angles and scene transitions. And how much more CONFIDENT I feel about what I want to do with it. I watched The Third Man about six times whilst making the puppets and it really gave me a burst of assurance about how I want to shoot my scenes. The 1930's was such a creatively fertile time in film I got all up n' inspired n' stuff.

    @Hi Mike!! Hooray! I'm so glad you got yours! It's weird to still be making them while some folks have received them BUT I'd rather they came now than at EASTER like I was a-fear-ed they would. 'Cause this kind of puppet would be hard to make work at Easter don'cha think?

    Bummer about your computer friend. A speedy recovery and God's speed with it! When Seattle folks lost power last week after you in the East lost yours, it got me thinking the unthinkable. I would be lost without Google. When I cut my thumb I Googled what to do and felt so clear about the information; pressure for 30 minutes, etc., that I could make the call about not getting stitches. Without Google I would have had to go to a dirty emergency room around here at 2 am (and would have missed Downstairs Clare's call for some help at 3 am by the way) and on and on. Google is like an ORACLE!! I rely on it everyday--Sheesh! You still have internet at least though, that's good.

  5. Ale, are you serious!? Gawh, that sounds HORRIBLE! And you have pictures? Of the after math right, not during I hope! LOL!

    You got the card?! That's great! We're doing pretty well getting things to you after all!

  6. Oh, the 3rd man is awesome! I 'Flixxed it a while back, when I got on this whole Orson Welles thing after catching a chance piece of Othello on TCM. That one (Othello) hasn't been released on american video (at least DVD... might be tapes available, not sure) but I was able to track down a european disc of it and feast my eyes on some of the most impertinent cinematography ever put on film!

  7. I LOVE that sly rake! Such an artist.

  8. yikes, shelley! if you slice off all your fingers, we'll never get to see halfland! (and i WANT to see halfland!)

  9. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Thank you Herself and Himself for the card puppet it is brilliant. I'm honoured to receive one.

    Hope the finger heals soon.

  10. Gretchin, thank you so much for being a Halfland fan, even before it's done!!

    And Phil, thank you so much for commenting! I read aloud the sweet note above you wrote to Himself (Husband Paul) and he, so delighted, shouted out, "RAY!!!! Who needs that Nelson Lowry!? We have Phil Dale as our friend!!!" (tee hee) (Nothing against Nelson, mind you. It's just I never heard a word back from him after I wrote months ago and so we decided that "Shelleyness" is an aquired taste--and NOT for everyone!! hee.) Consider yourself in an "elite" class, LOL.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!!!

  11. Paul and Shelley, thank you so much for the incredible card....I've just received it and it is fantastic, we love it, especially considering the time and love that went into its creation...I can't get enough of his maniacal holiday dance! He won't be packed away with the Christmas memorabilia, I can tell you that! This little guy's gonna hang out with me all year long (I imagine him tugging at my sleeve, in a tiny squeaky voice, asking sadly 'Is it Christmas yet?')....
    Tell me a little about some of your past creations, what was your favorite one?
    Lotsa love and happy holidays to you both!

  12. Jeffery, Did I PAY YOU to say that and then forget? Thank you! I'm so glad you got it, in every sense!

    Did I PAY YOU to ask me about my other fun things?!!! Maybe I'll make a little show over at Flickr for answering that!

    Lotsa Love right back!

  13. OUCH!! I hope your finger is healing fine!!!

  14. Oh, yes, thank you Corey! I went without stitches and kept it bandaged and it's all better with no problems at all. A small matter of course, just made for a funny photo during the cut-o-thon!


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