Guest Artist: Sherie from the Sea

On Easter Sunday, I was at a big annual Beach Event with a group I belong to. I was sitting making a beaded bracelet, chatting with friends, including Cirelle and Nancy. When right in front of me down plops this stunningly beautiful young woman wearing a crown of bright yellow daisies. I thought she looked so especially heavenly that I grabbed my camera from the bag to capture her loveliness even though I didn't know her.

Before I knew it, bing bang boom, Sherie was excitedly planning on coming to Halfland with Cirelle that Friday! They were good friends and would enjoy working together. People there that day, who knew both Halfland and Sherie, all said YES! of course! Sherie belongs in Halfland! Hooray!

Cirelle filled me in that, "...She is a poet, photographer, collagist and a complete angel." I learned when she came over that she works with autistic children for a living. A difficult yet rewarding calling, I imagine. What a delightful, inspiring person she is.

She went out of her way to get started here last Friday. I only had her for 2-3 hours and truth be told, it was hard to get down to work and stop going deeper into conversation with her. But she was officially introduced to the project and even began cutting crepe paper grass for planting soon.

With her love of collaging, can you picture her face when she walked in and saw the giant reference wall?! It was priceless!

She fit right in and impressed me as a person. It seems as though every time I leave the house these days I come back with a perfect person to help make Halfland happen!

Please come again and again, Sherie from the Sea!


  1. What a lovely, beautiful person... Her hearth can be seen through her eyes in that picture. This is wonderful Shelley. I am sooooo happy to see that you have all these great people helping you out for Halfland.

    This sunday I met a person here who is only 28 years old dedicated his life to handicapped people. He is a musician and he has been helping handicapped people all around the world since he was only 9 yearsold. He himself now has a very serious immune system disease.. This is whole another sad story. I was so impressed what he has done in only 28 years and reading here that Sherie works with autistic children reminded me of him.

    Cheers to Sherie and you!

  2. Yes, exactly, Yaz! I can't believe the good fortune of Cirelle, Nancy, and Sherie! It's crazy! (And truly helping!)

    I'm so sorry about the young man you met. I'd love to put him on my Light list for prayer. It couldn't hurt! Perhaps you could email me his name...

    Amazing people in this world!


  3. Wow... Shelley, has it occurred to you that the universe is providing for your cause?

    I hardly know how to say this... but I just made a friend over on - that OTHER message board I've been hanging out on - and he's an inspiring and deeply spiritual soul who helps autistic people.

  4. Hi Mikeeee! Ah HA! You still read this blog! yay.

    YES Y.E. to the S.! YES!!!!!! It's clear the Universe is indeed providing for my cause! You are so right! It's OBVIOUS now! It's crazy!

    Not only that....

    But When Cirelle first came over and I was trying to figure out what to ask her to do, I thought of her planting the window boxes would be a good start. Then when I saw how she had a way with plants, I realized she is about the only person on earth that could help me plant the whole set with sensitivity and appropriate "devic" know-how! (Turns out she has a deep affinity for nature, has been a reserve docent, etc.!) Who knew?!

    And just this morning, in the beautiful meditation garden (where I get some sun once a week) I realized what I'm to ask Sherie to make...

    ...The crown of simple little (now to be yellow) butterflies that flutter around Rana's head!!!!!

    It really is all deeply freakie and fantastic!

    Plus, there is a case to be made for there being a whole new generation of giving and good souls on this planet now. Just among the three of us, you, Yaz, and me, we each know these younger good souls who give so much.

    It is inspiring as you say...

  5. Halfland calls and the gods provide!

    awesome to meet new people...through atwork


  6. Indeed, Justin Riggity. I so hope she'll come back!!!


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