An Apple a Day

Dark Strider has instigated an interest in the ancient craft of apple carving and Ubatuber has announced it's his Monster Month. Here's my Premiere Observation of Deconstructing Red Delicious: Day One

Here in most of the States it's getting definitely cooler in the ever earlier evenings, yams and pumpkins sit beside watermelon (?) in the markets, nevermind it is fall in LA. Happy October Everyone.

Even Mentor Mike didn't totally realize the scale of Halfland, so here's another measure, for good measure.


  1. Anonymous6:02 AM

    wow, thats one big miniature apple!!!

  2. Gah, Hila. You made me do math!!! That hurt.

    Your scale in Agora is 1m:25cm, which is very teeny tiny amazing with all the perfect detail you do. (I see the faceted beads as crystal tops to your perfume bottles. Yeesh.)

    I think (?) my scale is 1m:33cm (or 1'=4") (or 33% reduction) My recent encounter with a real apple proved it to be 2.75" and the 1/2L. miniature apple is .90"

    If this is right, when done, the 1/2L. Tree will be 6' (1.82m) tall!! (in Halfland reality that's an 18 foot high (5.4m) tree!!)

    I never attempted to calculate the scale before, it might have helped me target how high the tree should be, etc. rather than just me man-handling it. But I don't even know if I calculated properly.

    There it is.

  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Oh I LOVE apple dolls, they look spooky and mysterious and just like old ladies all at the same time. I remember making them in grade school and hanging them from the trees...

  4. So... 1/2land is 1/3 scale then? Wow... that's freakin' HUGE!!!! I mean, I knew how tall your puppets were... just about Corpse Bride size in fact, But it really hits home when I see you actually standing in the cottage!

  5. I just shoved dried corn in for teeth and nut shell for eyes, hehe, fun indeed, Ulla.

    Mike, yeah! I guess 33% is about 1/3, huh?! Now, I'm not saying that I'M RESPONSIBLE for CB being that scale BUT I was friends with its ART DIRECTOR Nelson Lowry (thud--name dropping) when I started 1/2L. and HE COMPLIMENTED ME ON ITS SCALE, saying and I quote; "How cool it is that I didn't make it smaller like other new animators do..." He really made me feel good that I could do things my way. (This was before he'd done much stop motion himself I believe). Jus sayin'.

  6. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Just stopped by last night and tonight and want to say 'great work' on your projects. Very inspiring to me. Leaded windows are looking awesome.


  7. I have a question for you.

    Do they celebrate Halloween in Halfland?

    Perhaps something along the lines of one of these.

    Just wondering if you knew, but of course you know, but is it part of Rana's world?

  8. Hi Mahlon, so glad you stop by! Yeah, the windows might look great when done, thanks! Are you blogging?

    Hi Mark, Who knew Ben and Jerry were so into Pagan rites?! Hmmm, Makes me rethink the whole "Tutti Fruitti" situation.

    Anyhooooo, Nope, there are no human known holidays in Halfland. Although I can see why one might assume so. I mean Rana is a goat woman and goats have a strong association with various Pagan/satanic (there I said it) doings. Her world is natural and earthy. It seems as though it would be a given for her and the others there to mark the change of season and such. I can see the affinity. But nope.

    Now that you mention it, I was always a little afraid of an audience thinking I was a into some sort of devil worship because of the goat and pagan like aspects, that's why I put the disclaimer in the intro about not wanting to offend anyone with this. But I can honestly say there's no ungodly idolatressing happening here. But I prolly just inadvertanly offended the Wicca now. Oy Vey.

    There really is no "winning" with this topic, as each has our own faith at heart. But it is important for me to express clearly that inside me there isn't any intent to conjure anything other than beauty here.

  9. Ya I just noticed that link was a Ben & Jerry link - number one on Google too - make mine Cherry Garcia please.

    Well interesting to find out you were concerned about the
    the "doings" of certain groups ( see I'm not saying it. :-)) [Ha just made double chin smiley]
    being associated with your story. (sorry confusing sentence)

    I would tend to give wide latitude to fantasy stories, I hope most people would.
    I never understood the folks going crazy over the harry potter books (wanting to burn/ban them etc.)
    Can they be serious? Puhleease! Ok off my soap box now.

    I too see the affinity with your characters and Halloween, seems a natural fit. Especially the connection to end of Harvest. I just like to see how much of the back story you have in your mind. It's interesting to see how some little pieces of knowledge or story line inform the characters.

    I guess I'm not going trick or treating in Halfland.

  10. I like the idea of Halloween in Halfland, Mark. I hadn't thought of it! Maybe I'll make a little scene of that after the full film is done. I plan to use the sets and characters for MANY shorts as they are so long in coming!


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