Hay! Howya Doing?!

How, oh how, will I acquire some hay for Halfland?! A Tack and Field shop? Too far. Steal it from the ranch BBQ in Santa Barbara last Sunday? Too tacky. I know... get it from Michael's craft supply shop during the fortuitous October season while out and about today!! Yay, it's hay!

What fer? I'll tell ya, to mix pieces of it into the last layer of tinted joint compound on the cottage walls to provide texture and appropriate barn-like rusticity and rustication. To scatter (well-glued) in and around Rana, the goat woman's, bedroom alcove (she is a goat after all!) Perhaps also to add some atmosphere to her cottage porch with mini-bales, etc., that's what!

I so look forward to moving on with these next steps all day Thursday.


  1. Hay hay hay!

    Looks like Shelley's got some Shredded Wheat for breakfast!

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM


    (You can do it! And you'll feel better when you do! C'mooooon Shells!)

  3. Thanks, Sven. You are totally right. I'm not feeling physically well enough right now, but will feel better emotionally when I do get some progress done. Soon I hope.


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