Blue Skies Ahead

The Canvas Report is a happy one. Downstairs Clare has made a fantastic improvement in his energy and vitality and has taken up brushes on his new work once again.

I'm delighted to reveal that dear neighbor and friend, Clare, has adjusted very quickly to one of "modern medicine's everyday miracles". A couple of life-saving procedures and treatments has made him look, and he agrees feel, better than he has in ages.

I heard opera music drifting up from his place downstairs the other day and I was hoping that meant what I thought. Yep, Wet Paint was going on! w00t! I just love the scrubbed-in clear-skies-ahead blue that he has washed through the composition on his wall-sized, giant, "strung" canvas.

Welcome back to your work, Clare.


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Very lovely. Now it's time to get back to Halfland and animating with birds with hats. Or finishing the Tarn puppet. And that House needs constructing. Let's see a daily progress report on these three aspects of the project.

  2. Wow, that's harsh. Good thing I know you are soft and cuddlesome. xxo

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    yep I agree however nice that canvas is lets get back to the purpose of this blog as we seen to be drifting away from HALFLAND.

  4. Is that you, PK? Or do I have yet ANOTHER Task Master?

  5. Wet paint was going on...I love that expression!

  6. Hi Corey! I always tease Clare that it's all about wet paint. I tell him--"Just get the paint wet and you'll take care of the rest" or "I want to see wet paint!" to encourage him over the inhertia of diving in to his work.

    JUST WET THE PAINT!!!!! tee hee.

  7. Ah-HA! PK told me he WASN'T the second Anonymous comment above! That means a lurker I don't know is coaxing me back to Halfland. Firstly, welcome. Secondly, I'm so happy that someone I don't know out there is coming here for Halfland progress. That's neat.

    And of course you are both right! I can't wait to make further progress myself.

  8. Progress is a great thing - I hope to make some soon myself! ;)

    But I do believe daily progress is improbable if not impossible. From the marathons we've done, I know feeling pressured to get something done every day can be depressing and make you start to hate the project. You need to get away from it every now and then, sometimes for a week or more. I say go with the flow. There'll be days when you rock out and get mass work done, and days when you don't even think about it. In nature all things ebb and flow.

    ...And I think I stopped in there for a drink once, didn't I - Eb and Flo's?

  9. Holy~!

    Oh my god! Shelley, you have been mega-spammed! I just got a real whopper on mine, but it was only like 20 links! I think this is the worst spam damage I've ever seen!

  10. Thank you, Mike. I deleted the spam comment, is there any damage I should be aware of wit things like that? Thanks.

    I HATE Eb and Flo. I want this f%&%&%^er DONE!!!!

  11. I for one am glad to see updates on Clare's painting
    Thank you for sharing - and thank Clare.

    Eb and Flo, slices of pie, ying and yang, it's all about balance - you will get there, just don't give up!

  12. Thank you so much, Mark. I REALLY needed to hear this today. For both thoughts, thank you.


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