It's SuperNOVember!

Announcing, the next in a series of Daily Progress Push-a-thons here in Halfland has begun! A little something done on the project, doesn't much matter what, is to be done each day, along with the rest of life, or I'll know the reason why!

Anyone is welcome to partake for their own creative project(s) of any form, writing, photographing, journaling, painting, sketching, sculpting, animating, what have you! Anything especially challenging that could do well with a little extra support.

We go until Thursday, November 30, bask in our results, and then decide what's best next.

Here we go... (thanks Mike!)


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Okey doke, I've decided... I'm officially IN!

  2. I don't think I can play this time, but I'll be with you all in spirit :) Only reason being that in a few days I'll have a mold and will start foam-latex testing soon...not conducive to marathon work, I don't think....but I'm definitely excited to see what you and Mike and Sven cook up this month, I'll be watching with popcorn :)

  3. Great! Do you know what you'll be working on, Sven?

    Hey, Ubbie!! You are rocking over in the Steamy Studio, not to worry. I say, if you are over there working, like you are, then you too are blowing like a Nova and therefore part of the NOVember Espaloshun! Grrrr.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    No definite project just yet. Let's just say my work is "stopmo." I've got all kinds of related threads to pursue...

    There's the "quick and dirty" project... Doing some tests with resin and silicone casting... Upgrading my metal-working facilities, following up on what I learned while working at Bent... Working on the holistic animation-making process... Trying out step-block joints...

    I was looking back through SL posts, and I see that my real entry into the world of stopmo -- discovering SMA -- was on Dec 7. Whatever I do this month, I'm looking for something extra special to accomplish by Dec 7, just so I can really flagrantly show off the progress I've made this year.

  5. Woooooo. That should make for an awesome Before and After, Sven, as you've made feenominall progress in the form this year, to say the least!

    I'm a big fan of the "Quick 'n Dirty" (finding it merely quick and not at all dirty.) and vote for that for the Thon.

  6. "deeeeeeefrrrrrrr"

    The above comment was just typed my one our cats, "Catalina".

    Is she giving some kind of urban *shout out* regarding her local gang affiliation?! Hmmmm.

  7. Um.... I really really meant to get something done last night Shellsies... really I did!

    Hmmm.... I seem to recall I did nothing on the first day of the last marathon as well.

    Well, actually I did SOMETHING.... I did draw up the new rear legs on the Dragontiss and add the front pincer-claws, but I don't like the way they look. I guess it counts as SOMETHING though? I wanted to draw Fafhrd, and I sat here with a 2B pencil poised on a clean sheet of paper for like 5 minutes, and just couldn't draw a line. Don't know what was wrong... I just felt like crap.

    Feeling much better tonight though.

  8. Hey, I think your cat is saying she wants to be "de-furred"! Better get out the Flowbie!

  9. NOT A PROB Bro! Jump in tonight! Yay!

    I liked the new sketch of the monster.

    Hey, do me a flavor, if it happens when you are stuck like the blank page/2B (hey, 2B or not 2b) please consider drawing something in front of you, your doggie, the TV, a book, whatevs. I swear to all that be holy, blankness must be destroyed and putting something down, anything, any medium, is the key. 'Member when I told Jeffery to blob some clay on his Doc pup and that did the trick, eh, eh?

    And Dude, that Flowbie comment had me laughing!~


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