Look... I'm a Pie

November is a great month, as each of them are. The Thon has been and continues to be so useful for me. It just isn't daily, exactly, for now.

My cohorts and I have given up the daily, for now. Rest assured that I am LOVING my project more than ever and am so chuffed to see the storyboards bringing it closer to reality frame by frame, image by image. It's a thrill that can't be described. I just don't want to keep having to have late late nights in order to do it, as that makes all the bad things come back. Hypomania, is not a healthy choice for me.

So what does take precedence for my time? Yesterday, as an example, I invested a full day's worth of work in crafting a proposal for a possible paid design contract. I learned a lot about what I have to offer a client now as opposed to say, 7 years ago, which was the last time I ever agreed to show my samples, as it were. Being more mature is a fantastic sensation these days. Knowing more, having had more experience, has got to be one of my favorite life experiences to date. Being younger, everything was so tense and neurotic, far less so now. Ahhh. Nice. I also addressed all my Christmas card envelopes as they stand ready for the really cute cards we're making this year.

Ballet, Graphics, Eating, Housework, Halfland, Crafts, Art, Himself. I've got to work out a way to share my glorious fun more equitably.

Look... I'm a pie!


  1. I'll take a slice, alamode please! ;)

  2. I'm also making my christmas cards I made a santa claus head out of fimo and stuck it onto the card

  3. A big ol' slice a cheddar on top for you, Mike, dig in!

    Hey Ben, cool. Are you going to take photos of your Santa card and post 'em?

  4. That is great! Your sense of humor is infectious....I am actually smiling ;)

  5. Thanks, Kim! I always adore your Photoshop self-portraits. Always so beautifully done, hilarious yet with deeper meaning thoughtfully presented.

    I bet if you sliced up the pie of your life it would have about fifty sections though!

  6. Sure i'll post pics on my web soon i'll email you to let you know the address soon!


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