Haven't Got the Power

The only shot of Bosq, the snoring cat with the human nose, I was able to grab tonight for the Birds in Hats animatic.

Weird. I spent more time trying to locate, re-charge, or scavenge AA batteries to power my digital camera than to create illustrations tonight. All at once, all my rechargeables went flatly unrechargeable and my whole supply of regular batteries ran right out. I was reduced to scavenging any I could find in the house, even stooping so low as to bogart the two in the remote.
I noticed a DC input on the camera itself but couldn't find a matching adapter. All this in a camera with a busted battery cover closure anyway so either from this or that or the other, power ran out mid-snaps.

Meanwhile, I can give a visual update on how the Christmas card workshop is coming along...

A variety of scraps of festive papers made from cutting out various parts for our holiday cards this year. It has only begun.


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    The photos that you *did* manage to snap off are pretty.

    How does the picture of Bosq relate to the stopmo/storyboarding stuff you're working on right now?

  2. Oh, hi, Sven, Bosq comes in at the end of the scene when the knit cap with tassels falls off the branch and onto his head, he wakes up, lifts his head, shrugs like cats do and goes back to sleep. That's how I'll transition out off of the branch and back down to the action in the cottage.


  3. Bosq looks really good how did you create that puppet?

    The Mail Man is really coming on!

    Off the Shelf Productions

  4. Hi Ben, thanks. Good luck with your Mailman character!

    Bosq was shaped out of Supersculpy baked hard and then covered in white faux fur that was then trimmed down to a fuzz and painted.

    The tail and one front paw are separate from the body but held in place by the fabric which will allow for some slight background movement during his scenes.

    I just took off his ears that were cracked and loose (like some friends of mine) and drilled a fine hole clean through his temples. I plan to run a wire through there that terminate in the ears on both ends so I can animate them too. Yay.

  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Clare usually doesn't retire for the night until after 11pm- we could share

  6. Thanks Jeane, I'll pound on the floor 3 times for a AAA size!

  7. I am in awe of your creative energy and the many things you can do!!

  8. Awwww, Really, Corey? That is so sweet of you to say that. Creativity is so thrilling to me too. Is there anything more fulfilling than expressing creatively into the world? Well, you've done the ultimate in creative expression... twice!


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