Meet Bosq

Bosq, the snoring cat with the human nose, is caught directly under a fallen cap with tassels in this frame from the Birds in Hats 2D animatic.

I couldn't stay up late last night to do this illustration like I could tonight. But yesterday I was able to charge several batts to get the ol' camera going. I took several good shots of the sleeping cat on a miniature chair I had handy. It will be fun to animate his part of the BnH sequence. The hat will fall, it will land on his head, his ear will perk up, his eye will open for a beat or two and then close with a shrug. It will likely be similar to his action in my very first animation ever, Maus.


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    truly delightful, what a fine little cat he is!!! Love the background chirpping too - how'd you do that???

  2. Hi Ulla!! Thanks for stopping by! The chirpping you mention, you mean in the little test clip of the hatbox on the branch from the other day? That was a simple bird chirp sound file already loaded into the iMovie application, believe it or not. I put it on two layers, one muffled by adjusting the volumn a bit, to suggest the bird being in the box.

    I know you can relate, it's important to me that the 2D animatics don't wander off and become mini-film projects in their own right. I must keep my focus on the real Halfland. I'm finding making this animation very useful to do as a preparation for the real shoot but it a constant re-decision to cut corners and move it forward. Move it forward.

    Onward. How are your personal projects coming along? Exciting new art classes at the Castle I'm sure.


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