Facing Change

I raided "Downstairs Clare's" hardware shop for new bits for re-hoofing rather than wait days to make it to a store.

The beauty mark above is pre-drilled brass lamp beads/finials that Clare found for me the other day, smartypants. And I learned today from reading the excellent Monterey tutorial http://www.montereymotiongraphics.com/armatures/ (D.G. posted via Sven's May 30 blog comments) that I could try nickel-plated versions and use Locktite™ to secure the rods. If I can come up with a serviceable armature for me without having to braze and spark, I'd like to.

Yesterday I brazenly hacksawed off the stems of the carriage bolts I had well fixed to the stand-in puppet's hooval region and was stunned that the hacksaw I've had here for years is what one should use for such an operation. I also have a small Dremel but I even had a fresh blade somehow for the hack frame and voila.

Next stop: A refurbished stand-in with proper tiedowns and a hilarious short clip featuring my faux pas paws clip from the other day, but it can serve as my new (Sven-golly guided) Quicktime Still Cam sequence test!!


  1. I got interupted while looking at this, and when I came back in the room, I saw the face. Cool!
    hope all is going great, shelley! we'll miss you at our SJC sketchcrawl!

  2. Thanks Jane!! I'd love to do another crawl, you guys are great.

  3. Jane, I just clicked on the cool new avatar of you sketching on Olvera Street and saw who? myself sketching behind you in the background! My one time sketching and it's there for posterity! Hee.

  4. Hey Shelley!

    Lots of new toys to screw around with! Hope it doesn't drive you nuts!

  5. Y'know what... my new blog needs some Shellyage to make it complete! You might have missed it, but I posted the link at Jeffrey's blog a few days ago: Darkmatters. I can no longer get through to the old blog to upload stuff, so I decided to take the blogspot plunge. Hope to hear from ya there!

  6. Anonymous7:50 AM

    You go girl! Nuts, bolts, screws, saws... Its like watching a space-ship builder in minature...

  7. Take me to your leader? Thanks, Ulla!

    And a hem, Mike, exactly WHEN were you gonna mention you had a new blog?!! I'm so there!!


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