I Am Not Proud

Hey Gang, Here's one for the books, right up there with not realizing I needed to have a computer near the set in order to animate (I didn't catch on to that for months) is this...

I just realized that I did the tiedowns all wrong. I put (stop laughing) the carriage bolt head into the foot with its long tail permanently jutting out from the bottom. Oh sure, it stood there well with the wing nuts secured underneath the peg board. (stop it.) But when I animated a test clip early this morning that included a walk, I made a mental note to check the SMA boards for how to deal with the long bolts coming out from the bottoms of the feet?!! (I said stop.)

Now, this may have been a forgivable Rookie Error if--I hadn't already had the benefit of making a clip with Sven's correctly footed Ambassa'ture. (Look, that's enough, it's just sad now.)


  1. Don't feel bad Shelley, I think that is a common problem when you are self taught. I can't tell you how many bone head mistakes I have made when trying to teach myself something. (I'm not saying that was a bone head mistake by the way. How were you supposed to know.)

    Perhaps to 'splain things better you should see the great short by Nick Hilligoss.


    or Mikes tutorial on the same page.

  2. Ouch! That's quite a mistake...if you could show what you mean with a pic it'd be better, but I think I get it: the puppet's got something like permanent tie downs.

    Seems like she's gonna have some surgery done :P

    Now I understand your comment at my blog xD
    Those bolts stucking out from my puppets foot to the floor is needed only in the case of a running, and using the technique I use (tutorial coming soon....well....not so soon really...). So, yeah, I had to erase them frame by frame in Photoshop...and it took quite a while :S

    (I promise I wasn't laughing while I was reading your post :D hahaha)

    See ya

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    The best way to avoid making dumb mistakes...

    ...is to never even try in the first place.

    Rock on Shellster -- one more error down -- a sure sign that you're making progress!

  4. Yeah, Sven is totaly right...You only learn something when you do it wrong, and realize yourself that you've made a mistake...You know what I mean?

    And you really understand this after animating long hours...After 3 or 4 walking cycles, for example, the improvement is scary :D

  5. Thanks Guys! To make matters worse, I HAD seen Nick's tiedown tutorial!!! And Mike's, and Goodness knows how many others!! You're right, It is a good mistake, one of many in a long strand suspected to be be coming along as I go.

    It all reminds me of the time before, and a little after, I got my driver's license. I used to think that there was only one freeway (highway) because I would hear everyone talking about "taking the freeway", "Let's take the freeway, it'll be faster" etc., I never noticed anyone refer to numbers or names of them. So one night at age 16, taking a friend home, I saw a freeway... so I took it. We ended up somewhere called Antalope Valley at 2 am.

    Sometimes I marvel at my still being alive. How did I manage? Musta been angels.


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