Here are some of the reference images by talented photographer/artists that ring my bell for Halfland to give an idea of what I see in my minds' eye.

My big Halfland reserved day did not look like I anticipated, even after waking up at 5:30 am to get a jump on it.

I'm still working on work.

I did manage to print out the recent batch of 1/2L. reference image snags from the Interhoo, books, mags, anywhere, cut 'em out and file in them in their 34 individual envelopes. These envelopes are now, after 14 years, filled with precious treasures of visual cues and keys for me for all aspects of this project. I've got things in there that are like priceless jewels. In fact, I consider them among my most valuable trove. I've got about four large sheets completed (so far) of the clippings collaged onto paper panels that I hang near the table to refer to. I have many more to go. When I get them all pasted, I'd like to lay them end to end and snap a picture here. Then I could say, "Halfland, it looks like this in my head."

Thursday look for progress on Mach III foamy Rana and a brief practice clip using my digital still cam and Mike's Unibrain at once.


  1. ...good visual aids, especially the nondescript 'Kyra' underwater shot...didn't realize just how similar our two projects are...yours light, mine dark, even our blog templates...like the sun and the moon....

  2. Shelley,

    Is that right you have a morgue file that you have been building for 14 years for this stop motion project? Wow!

    It's a great way to keep your vision consistent, I would guess it helps you build your world too. The bits you haven't thought about are practically complete just waiting to spring forth when you get to them..
    I have never thought of using reference material like that for mood and feel –just visual reference. Thanks for sharing your process, that's a smart way to bring it all together.

  3. Ok, we've got a coupla real Shakespeares here. Thank you both so much for the thoughtful and poetic support!

    Lately, as we've been stirring the pot on this and we've been starting to overcome obstacles that were in the way, I've been fevered with desire to make with my hands what I see via flashes in my mind. I want to fabricate everything all at once. The pain of time is heightened more than ever. With a bittersweet sense of deprivation, hearing your encouragement that it'll happen is such a comfort, thank you.

    Fourteen years. Sounds like a madness to me. It may be, but if I can make it, then it was all just living my life. I don't know what I mean by that. I just type extemporaneously and usually figure it out much later.

  4. OOoooooooooo.....

    extemporaneously! Give the goil a kewpie doll!

  5. Anonymous1:06 PM

    We have our visual feelers in the same pots - I'm not surprised!

  6. Hi Ulla!! I know! We like the exact same visual things, amazing. Thanks for visiting!

    And Mike, I WILL hold you to that. But I won't tell you when I'll collect my prize.

  7. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I have viewed "Girl With the Pearl Earring" numerous times because EVERY frame seems to be perfectly composed. Balance and play between light and dark is executed effortlessly. "McCabe & Mrs. Miller" and "Heaven's Gate" are other films that have elements in them I want to employ in the look of my films. I think the cinematograper, Vilmos Zsigmond, is a genious. The 2nd image you posted is simply beautiful. I hope to achieve a fraction of their talents in my work.


  8. Hi Yuji! I agree with you, you may also love the artistry of "The Duellists" It's another stunning painterly film that even nature lent a hand to. I haven't seen McCabe or Heaven's Gate, have to check those out. Thansk for the tips!

    And best of luck with your art!!


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