I just enjoyed a delightful hot, spiced Chai Tea (black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves) mixed with a blend of almond and soy milks. It was made all the more delicious by being sipped from my new Fund My Short mug! What's in yours?


  1. How very L.A. of you! ; )

  2. Well, given I don't have fake boobs...

  3. Thanks for stopping by...

  4. Anonymous4:26 PM

    What a cool Mug!! Where ever did you get it??

    As a Londoner it's got to be a nice cup of "Rosie Lee" bog standard builders variety, with just a dash of moo juice.

  5. Why, cheers, thanks for asking, Mate!

    Everyone knows that these cool mugs, as well as other exciting and attractive Fund My Short items, can be had simply by clicking (and read more about the whole project at the link living over on the left titled, "Please contribute to talented Phil's Fund My Short" (

    Animation will go more smoothly with an invigorating FMS item beside you in the shop!!


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