If, You Are NOT Amish...

I noticed that my husband and I were writing down this link for people whenever casual conversation might have led to what I was into/doing lately. I even went to a design event last week and found myself scrawling the addy across the back of my business card. I thought a more enjoyable way to handle this would be to have buttons printed up with the address already on them that we could hand out to those interested. And they turned out so fetching, that I thought it would be grand to turn the idea into a limited edition series to commemorate Halfland as it develops.

I got the first package in the mailbox today from Kate Black, a young artist in Brooklyn who has an online art shop at ETSY (Kateblack.etsy.com) where she offers to make custom buttons of various sizes for folks. I found many resources online that could make these, but I choose Kate for my buttons because she makes things with love and it shows.

And so, Fair Reader, I would love to thank you for your loyal support by sending you one!! Just email me at nobledesign@sbcglobal.net with a mailing address and you'll get your very own piece of this first-ever, highly collectible, stop motion memorabilia! (Plus as an added bonus, it can also add you to the coveted Noble/Kaye annual handmade holiday card list *<:-))


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I need more Flair!
    We all need more Flair!

    Kate Black has an interesting site, pretty creative stuff.

    It sure beats handing out plain old business cards - nice idea Shelley - how do you find these folks?

    Mark F.

  2. HA! Perfect! (I Loved Office Space! That's one profound little flick in its way.)

    Thanks, yeah, I find everything in the universe online, Googling mostly, linking, blog reading. It's a razor's edge to find the things that are enriching without spending too many hours a day looking.

    I'm really happy with this little button notion and look forward to adding new editions to the collection. I'm telling you... get me your address, you're going to want to collect 'em all!! ;->

  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Ooooooooooooohhh!!! I want one! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!


    Shelley, may I please have one of your really kewl-looking buttons?

  4. My button came in!!!

    wow, I wasn't expecting it to be so tiny, but I love it! It now proudly resides on my FundMyShorts ballcap.

    I love the attention to detail you always put into packaging... it's so nice to recieve something packed in wonderful handmade fashion rather than the standard landfill material.

  5. Thanks Mikeee!!! I know they are so teensy but I think by the time I make the whole series of them and they all get added to your Fund My Short hat they'll look so supa'ka'huwl.

    I'm sending you s'more too so you can keep one aside in a metal, flame proof box where one would keep all their stocks and bonds and other valuable collectible items for safety for decades to come, and STILL have a few to give to various stop motion fans you might meet at the supermarket.



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