Taste Test

Now, {hyperubertalent designer/artist} Stephanie {who requested I post this test clip in the last post's comments}, this test doesn't begin to show what can be done. I was just chucking veggies every which way to see what it all looked like.

I can totally imagine that your boiling clear liquid in a clear container, with bubble beads moving just so, and certain clever lighting... total realistic art.

Go for it!

Hair gel Hair Gel HAIR GEL!

I bought cheapo bargain stuff and was afraid the horrible fragrance would be noxious (as Christine had her trouble with the awful peach stuff she bought at the 99¢ store for the stream in her first film, Blood Tea Red String) but this one smells bearable so far and won't break down like naked gelatin would.


  1. Brilliant! Never used hair gel before (I've used vaseline though), that looks really really cool. I love it! And all these miniature foods look so beautiful and realistic. It's all coming together.

  2. Thanks, Ryan! I bought a pale yellow, almost clear, hair gel and tinted it with walnut ink. It made it a perfect transparent brothy soup stock color.

  3. Mmmmm....

    Makin me HUNGRAH!!!

  4. Woohoo, awesome clip -- thanks Shelley! I'm off to go make some real soup for research (and dinner) ;)

  5. I should open a diner then. A very very small diner. hee.

  6. tru dat! Im hungry now too

    job well done!


  7. Y'all come over for soup. I'm making! I promise no hair gel involved.

  8. (^ thing I liked best?
    (^ the glitch factoer that gives the test a heartbeat.

    (^ seriously.
    the subtle camera bumps and refocuses made my heart try to beat to it.

    (^ OH! another rare cheat I picked up from john mathews.

    bubble wrap bubbles.

    if you poke and tear some through with a pencil or something, use ONE FRAME maybe two for large bubbles, you can place them atop the mix and then remove em:
    makes it look like boiling waterpopping.

  9. (^ WAIiit!
    you have a syringe?
    inject some bubblewrap with walnut ink.
    diferent amounts.. suck some air out of them and replace with propperly colored boolion: and make em as popping boiling bubble replacements.
    sprinkle atop mix: remove with tweezers during shot.

  10. Well, that's just brilliant, Prosser!

    I hope Stephanie sees your comments about the bubble wrap bubble replacements! I'm definitely going to use the bullyonne injection technique. I do have a syringe! For what now I know!

    The blurring in the clips are caused by the silverbox's autofocus in the stop motion mode. These clips are down and dirty, just so I can see what happens when I move things so I look past the blur.( I kind of like it too though!) Hey- if your heartbeat matches it--go seek medical care at once! xox

  11. Mouthwateringly Delicious!


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