Catch of the Day:: It's a Jarring Experience!

In the set storage on our back porch, I keep all the underwater set building materials in a big plastic bag. Well, the natural sunlight came through the bag and back lit all the lovely seaweed and whatnot.

Girrrl, you know I wasn't going to do anything concerning the underwater set right now, but, um, it kept looking so damn great! It kept gnawing at me as the solution for the underwater set. My eye also caught hold of the perfect distortions a large round glass jar filled with water offered as a camera "lens". Above are some tests shots of the Koi puppet via various angles of "lens whacking" with the filled jar. No other edits were made to these shots, SOOFFC (Straight Out Of F'ing Camera).
Set up as a broad set, with sand-covered surface for the ocean bottom, using 16:9 ratio on the shoot camera(s), removing rigging in post, um, yeah, that's the underwater set concept sorted.