Now Hear This!

Generous, talented, Argentinia-born friend, with a luxuriously ruby-throated voice, María José Marañón graciously agreed to narrate Halfland's first ever trailer last year.  

I had edited the resulting audio shortly after she recorded, mixed with several takes of her reading in layers to give a sense of Halfland being "multi-dimensional". We recorded at my computer with a $10 USB microphone that I had wrapped her up with in upholstery foam, like a giant taco. Good sport!

I delayed posting the first draft as I had hoped to pair it with its visuals, stills at least, and so have been scrambling to get shots done to put it all together since.

But tonight, after sneaking up on myself, I thought to take what I had done before and re-cut it with different melodies and soundscapes in a moment of fresh clarity. Wait no more to hear it.

Perhaps you could listen*, without any visuals at all, and tell me if you can picture it with your imagination.

Halfland Trailer Audio 1.0 MP3 

(*I was able to embed a link to an MP3 of the audio but any which way I try to embed the file in Blogger it gets too garbled when compressed.)

Thank you again,  María José. I am in awe of the richness of your voice. Thank you for coming over.


  1. Oh, to hear it! This is very exciting, Shelley!

  2. It is amazing to see that you have been working hard and created a lot. This trailer audio is very touching. Her voice fits perfectly I think. And the background music.. sounded like Peter Gabriel's "Passion" which I love to listen for years. Not sure if it is from Passion or not but I hope you will use a sound like this. Very Halfland style. Just like every little, big piece you have been creating for Halfland, sound and narration will be perfect as well.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Yaz! I'll check Passion to see if that's the track used.

      And thank you for saying the editing and sound and things thus far not yet done will be done as the rest. That's what I tell myself as well. I can't do it "right", only how I can. And in the end that will be right for this.

      xoxoxo, s


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