Meet The OYSters!

Pearl and Smokey sitting in their shell on the bottom of the Halfland Sea
watching all the other Halffishes swim by. I bet Pearl has a few choice comments
about the others, while Smokey just puffs away quietly on his cigar.

Wire and glue made Pearl's cat's eye frames. When I pushed down on Smokey's head, I was surprised to see Pearl's glasses lift above her eyes! I must have accidentally attached her glasses' wire into the velvet he's made of which makes the couple animated in a hilarious way. (I mean, I meant to do that, yeah, that's it, it was planned!) Every so often, I may have Smokey shrink down and grimace for the fun of it.



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    1. Thanks so much for commenting, gl! Yay. Think will spell his name Schmokey Oyster to make even more Jewisher.


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