100 Days: Lookie Glass

Added a top layer of clear gel paint on top of the aged silver foil hand mirror I made a while back. It makes the mirror look authentically reflective in person, like thick glass mirror, instead of the scraped painted plastic and silver leaf that it is.

Thinking the mirror will have to be wired onto the puppets' wings, or their rigging, for animating. I also converted Sharon Ferg's lovely woodland tray into a carved vanity mirror so I could side step the wing-holding problem, but it wouldn't make as a good a joke as them tussling for a hand mirror.


  1. And the mirror.. Wonderful!!

    Yeah, I guess it would be hard to animate birds tussling for the mirror. I have not read the next post about the birds yet but attaching this mirror to birds's rigging or having a seperate rig for the mirror seems like a better idea than wiring to the birds' wings to me.

  2. Thanks, Yaz. Yes, you're right. I'll rig it.

  3. Anonymous10:26 AM

    If you like the gel paint, you might love Mod Podge decoupage Gloss. It makes stuff really shiny and dries fast.

    I like your birdies!


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