Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lovin' Spoonful

I haven't been able to really dive into the set yet. Instead of diving in for a gorging feast of work progress, I've only continued to sip on little props. I bought a set of wood carving tools in Little Tokyo over the weekend so I thought I'd try them out on carving Rana's wooden kitchen soup spoon. They work great and it's much easier to make things out of wood than I imagined it wood be. I also found two perfect scale metal cups at the same shop and a small tub of super thick clear gel that may be great for animating tea pouring into the cup for $1.

I carved the first spoon from one of my actual soup spoons that broke but it split. For the second spoon I drew a symmetrical pattern in card before tracing it onto a tightly grained plank.

I carved slowly and carefully so as not to slip and cut my fingers (succeeded) or through the bottom of the bowl (didn't manage that, but the hole wasn't a deal breaker). I sanded the carve grooves down and oiled it. I finished it by smearing brown and black chalk and gloss medium all over to give it the charred look my real spoons have.


  1. Lovely, as always!

    Also small progress is progress.

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Wow that's so perfect for the pot.. I keep checking to see what you have updated its great to see everything you have done and are doing!

  3. Anonymous8:05 AM

    It looks so perfectly well worn.. as if it has been stirring deliciousness for many years. Love it.

  4. Thank you for the boost, you three! You each really keep me going.

  5. Wow that looks great!

    All the best,

  6. sigh, it's amazing how happy a tiny little spoon can make a person.

  7. That spoon is so evocative, I suddenly feel the urge to make a hearty soup for tomorrow night!

  8. Wow you have such a spectacular eye for detail. Very intricate, very beautiful. Keep it up!

  9. Wow, thank you, Folks! I was ashamed to post such a small thing. Halfland readers are the most patient and kind bunch!


  10. Hey, Nick! What kind of soup!!?

  11. Kidney or borlotti beans, bacon hock, some dried mushrooms, carrot, little bit brussel sprout, parsnip, anything not quick enough to get out of my way... I've got a big wooden spoon to stir it with. When I looked at your model spoon, I could almost smell the soup! The beans are soaking now.

    The Japanese have a knack for creating and appreciating small spots of beauty, like a bonsai on a window ledge in a vast and ugly neon-lit metropolis, a netsuke - and so do stop-motion animators and modelmakers. So here's to taking delight from small things!

  12. That sounds sensationally delicious, Nick! You must be a great cook with your patience and creativity.

    Yes, small things... so delightful.

  13. (^ wHOLES in spoons: strainers.
    (^ copper dapped pennies for flanging a married metal look out of tin foil and copper foil embedded into/ around worn out wooden hammer handle.

    (^ ok so my short hand is getting out of control.. hold on . clarifrication time.

    (^ nick's description of soup made my mind dance:

    (^ I saw the end of this old old wammer I have:
    the grip was hand worn" hard to describe but the piont is that I want to make a soup kettle using the pommel of this specific hammer as it's form. like a... a.. inner mold shape.

    (^ by punding aleternate copper/brass,/bronze/aluminum foil TAPE ( maybe even lead solder at core.. ..

    (^ tsk . this is stuff normally used in sweat soldering together stuff or.. well ..stain glass lead welding..

    (^ grr. i SO need to make this thing now.
    and I've so many other projects.
    (^ may have to wait:

    but in some odd way it's like trying to create a mystic brewer's cauldron:
    one that has lived through many concoctions: has inner stains to prove it:

    (^ all these different metal alloys fused together but like laminated instead of melted.
    (^ think alchemy: but in\stead of lead to gold: woodgrain to petrified florist wire pounded flat intorusty bottom of the barrel replacement soup burnt through the bottom kettle.

    (^ a cracked pot that refuses to be cast off:

    (^ the refusal to replace old with the new but willingness to use old to CREATE new with!

    (^ .. ..I really need to cut down on waking up mid dreamstate and insisting on typing without snapping into rigid lucidity.

  14. Brian, You are my favorite Cracked Pot. Reading comments from you requires detaching from known reality and floating along in your jet stream until it's done but it's always a nice trip. I miss about 43% but the parts I get are informative. I get you've been inspired by noticing the patina on your hammer to build some kind of symbolically meaningful kettle prop but it has to wait because other things are first?

  15. Nice little spoon!! I love the charred look. It looks like Rana has been cooking some delicious soups for a long time using that spoon.

  16. Thanks, Yaz! Yay, you got the idea. Lots of soup is made through the year at Rana's cottage.

  17. Hi, Shelley!

    Is there still time to send my little sea creature to you? I've been tied up in a stage show making props for almost the entire last month, and I've been passing the mold for your "tiger shark" (you figure out what it looks like) in my work shop for the last couple of weeks with ever growing anguish! I finally have some free time now andf I'm going to finish it as quickly as I can.

  18. Absolutely Richard! I know I set today as the deadline but, there really is plenty of time. Please don't rush. I keep setting deadlines just to give some urgency on the puppets or they'd never be done. I beg the forgiveness of the artists who made their fish early for making them wait so long.

    I was trying today to formulate a way to showcase all the wonderful fishes that have come in so far and show the pile of their packaging that will become the sea set.

    I'd be thrilled to get a Svensson Tiger Shark hopefully by [thinking of next holiday] Halloween? Although it'll be hard to wait that long to see it!

  19. Sounds great, Shelley! I'll try to get the puppet done and sent off to you this coming week.

  20. Oh gosh,,realllly good Shelley! It does have a patina, so talented you are.
    I am out less poking around with this heat and humidity for treasures. The cicadas are I can get some bug wings hopefully.
    I have been busy with a new cat,(young) we found her taped up in a box, left to die down at the river. The rage it stirs up in me is indescribable. Her name is Penny and she is a character, I am glad we found her....and she keeps me busy. I will post about it soon.
    She is trying to walk on the keyboard as I try to type this.
    Joy in your day!

  21. Marcie, Halfland's Official Naturalist! That is one lucky little Penny! Bless you for saving the little love.

    When domestic animals are suffering it fills me with more pathos than nearly anything else can. There's not much more sad than an abandoned, cold, injured, and hungry, cat or dog. Or worse, if they are that badly neglected by an owner.

    Enjoy your new friend. Hooray!


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