Webs We Weave

Reader friend, Elva, posted the picture of the comical adorable spider (above) and suggested it was screaming for a silk top hat, I agree!

In Film Two of Halfland, I'll build a spider puppet like that and a proper silk top hat to fit him as he sits in his bejeweled web. Thank you, Elva! (paper puppet props coming this coming week!)

I have been looking for years for the perfect material to make the Halfland spider webs out of. I knew I wanted them to be more than natural spider web pattern, more like lace. I found several pieces of woven fabric that had a lacy web like feeling but they didn't have stretch to make those great spider web distorted shapes. I tried painting hair nets, etc. but the net pattern didn't look random enough.

Then, again at Target (wtf ?), I found the perfect thing. Floral stretchy trouser socks in white, no less! I had to buy the whole package of socks to get these babies but boy are they going to look great wildly stretched out of shape on the wooden cottage porch with crystal dew drops.

Halfland spiders are such artists!


  1. Can your spiders weave a web in my house too?? :)) Looking great!

  2. Catching up since being gone on vacation... never can get over how much you get done in just a little time.
    Fantastic progress and ever inspiring.


  3. As much as I have a dislike for the spidy in real life, I will not mind yours, as its cute and this web idea is spectacular!

  4. Hi Yaz, I'm sending you some material to make spider webs, realistic looking ones, in case you want to have some in your film. xoxox

    Thank you, Ms. Karima! It feels horribly slow here but I can do nothing else but press on. Doing my best. Most thrilling and exciting time. Thank you for stopping in!

    Thanks, Marcie HON! They can be creepy for sure. I like MAKING spiders more than running into real ones. I think you'll like this guy, he weaves lace webs for cripes sake!

  5. Vaoowwwww, great. THANK YOU so much!! I will add some spider webs to my set. That would look great. But, please keep that package small or let me pay for the shipment. Please...

  6. No problem, Yaz. It is a small package and it's my great pleasure.

  7. Oki!!! Tesekkur ederim :)

  8. I Googled, that means Was not necessarily needed to be performed...
    for someone who has gone out of his way to help you... in Turkish.


  9. Been away a few days, and lookit all this - spiderwebs! Acorn hats! New experiments with the animatable water gel! I don't call that horribly slow!
    Looking forward to my package! (Oops, used up my quota of exclamation points for the month of July. But I'm still excited. Woo Hoo. )

  10. !!!!!!!!!!! You can use some of mine, Nick! (gots extra!)

    Thanks soooo much! I'm so excited to tell you that I'm on a big productive 100 day push here and making terrific headway.

    Birds in Hats and all their props nearly complete and wonderful. And more!

    Can't wait for you to get the little gel package. I included a few scraps of things in case they might be useful. I bless you everyday I use the wire and gels you included in my pack.

    I'm sending a love pack to Yaz too. I love the tradition of sending each other bits from our studios that you started.

  11. Shelley, things are going better here and I am going back home on 21th, tuesday :))) I am so excited and I cant wait to get that love pack from you!!

  12. Oh.. I have just seen your comment with "estağfurullah" :))) Thank you!!! This is very nice of you. Yep, it is the right word. But kind of an old one and we usually say "rica ederim" in reply to "tesekkur ederim" in Turkish.


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