Gel Water Demo

Here's brief clip showing the consistency of the gel water material so you can see how it compares to what you might think of using.

I'm making up sample packets of it to ship out this Friday. I can think of several other people that may like to try this for their projects but haven't said yet. So, I'm making up sample packs for them too so they'll be ready to send when/if they holler. I'm thinking of Pram, Stephanie, Sven, maybe Shel, maybe Rich V der M, Mike L., John H., maybe Paul McC, maybe Ceri, Peggy?, Mark F., maybe a follower of the blog that I don't know well yet? Anybody else?


  1. That is excellent! Thanks for posting that.

  2. Thanks Shelley! That's nearly the same as having it in my hands to play with. I can see it's much firmer than the stuff I was able to find, and holds it's position for a lot longer.
    One question remains - I wonder if it can be tinted to make brown tea or red wine, and what would mix with it to do that? But just as it is, it's a great find, a giant leap for water animation!

    Too late for my current drink-pouring exercise, but even a miniature teacup-full would get many uses in the future.

  3. I can't wait to see what you particularly do with it, Yuji!

    NICK!!!! YES to the wine and anything else! I just tinted it perfectly with an aqua-colored Marshall's photo dye!!! It looks perfectly blended and tinted water blue and still utterly transparent!!! I believe it can be dyed with anything as long as it's transparent and permanent!

    I've included a full jar's worth for you and samples of the other gloops in case you find a fabulous use for them too.

    AND--I added clear glass holeless beads to it for boiling bubble look. Fabulous!

    AND--I found that any unwanted air bubbles in it can simply be pressed the hell out! Unbelieveable!

    AND--It's actually firmer than the demo shows, depending on how COLD the stuff is!! OMG.

    The Stop Mo Gods are smiling upon us all!!

  4. Anonymous7:20 PM

    (^ *caugh*: trade you somethin fer some.

    (^ would need an address to send tho:

    (^> prosser

  5. Hi Brian, I'll send you some for sure, pleas email me your mailing address.

    All I really want in return is a simple simple FISH for the underwater scene! Just one, about 4 inches in length, made of anything from paper to clay, but not time consuming for you to make.

    Please send fishie creature to:

    Shelley Noble
    pobox 111509 LA CA 90011 USA

  6. I'll send you a fish soon.
    I got my gel water. Thanks! :)

  7. Thanks, Mike LaT! I hope you enjoy animating with it!


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