Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Water Water Everywhere

SCORE! Went straight back to Target today, determined to grab whatever they had left of the water gel on the shelf. Only a few jars were left there but the staff kindly rustled up a case from the back room so I could buy a couple dozen of the yellow and green jars (and a few other gloppy products to check out) all for $1 each. I bought a box of small zip lock bags to flatten 1/2 a jar of the putty into to mail to whomever would like to try some out for their own project. I have to think this kind of gel putty should be a common party favor item, nothing special to find, but at the same time this particular batch works ideally and was affordable so why not grab it?

I wonder too how it would be if left out for a while. I wonder if it would evaporate like hair gel does or if it would get nice and stale and able to keep shape even better. I'll leave some out to check. Nick wrote to report he hunted down something similar, if not the same product, Down Under today that sounded as though it had the same texture. He found it wouldn't hold a stream shape for very long before slumping so perhaps Mike's idea of museum/quake hold wax could work even better?

Here's my list of who indicated they'd like to get a little packet of this stop mo water gel to test, if you'd like to get one too, please just send your name and mailing address to my email in the sidebar>>> (will be kept strictly private, except for Santa).

I already have these addresses:

Anyone else? Bueller?


  1. OOOOoooooohhhhhh!!!!

  2. Ooh, oooh, me, me!! I'd love to try this stuff out, I wonder if it would keep long enough for me to use on Jenny G. in, like, 2 years? For $1 a jar its almost worth it for me to go to Target and scoop some up even if it won't hold up on the shelf in the studio...
    If you have enough to spare, send me a packet please!

  3. Jeffery: Check! Got your addy. About using it for Jenny, could do, but would be expensive depending on the scale. I'm using layers of silk for my big stream but this water gel for little bits like tea and soup. But you'll know what you'll want to do when you play around with this.

    DJ: I take the "OOOOoooooohhhhhh!!!!" to mean you want to try some out too?! Send along the secret addy to your lair to my email, girl!

  4. I was thinking it'd be good for the "through the surface of the water" shots, by glooping this stuff over a sheet of plexi and animating under it.....I've tested vaseline but it was to viscous I think.....will have to find something similar when the time comes, my Target had nothing but the thick green Flarp...

  5. Ok, I got Jessica's address in Germany added.

    And yes, Jeffery it could be good, I'll send you green to see. You might also try your great over plexi technique (which I will steal!) with tinted acrylic medium on two layers in two shade/colors painted in water way and dried and then animated!! woo!

  6. I was already thinking of trying this stuff over plexiglass, so it's not stealing! I was going to make a boat with nothing below the water line so I only need a thin layer, and try animating the bow waves.
    Can't wait to see if this stuff is just the same as the goop I bought here, or if it holds it's shape better.

  7. Now that I can see the container, I did a search for "sea creature putty". No hits in Australia, but here's one in the UK:
    That's the only place I can find it, and Amazon UK says it's now out of stock. It costs about 1 pound.

  8. HI Nick, that sounds amazing, the bow waves!

    I saw that same UK gel putty too but couldn't confirm how it compares.

    I'll upload a brief video I made putting the samples together so you can see the consistency.

  9. Oh wow - just catching up on posts, thanks for including me on the list Shelley! That looks really cool to play with, already so many ideas!

  10. You bet, Emmy. It stiffens when chilled! I'm thinking some freeze spray could be fab with it.


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