Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Feeling better, thank you all for the good thoughts.

Yesterday, yay, I was able to paper the first coat on the outside of the tree like I had been wanting to do. It too couldn't be rushed and required me to move on auto pilot patiently in order to get the amount I wanted done, including the writing Mouse's Chalet. (see above left) Another coat of thick brown paper after further adding of crumpled newsprint and tubing to spots on plan for tomorrow. After the uniformity of paper color is applied all over the armature little things that need further finesse will always show up. That see saw might go back and forth a bit before I slather on the FlexAll© to cement the structure permanently.

Today's small act was to apply masking tape to the wire (gutter guard) mesh forming the inside cottage roots (seen before and after above to show better the process of the tree being constructed.)

I'm also thinking ahead to the roof and other home details for the cottage getting more and more excited as what to do to actually build the place comes into focus for me. None of which could happen without my actually working on the project as, I see it. I was typing with Hila about how places we want to visit in our mind can often be most exciting--until the moment we actually get there. I'm thinking that's true with our creative projects as well.

We've all acknowledged that thinking of a setting, character, or prop, for a film, heck, thinking of the film itself, is by far easier than to set about actually making what we had imagined. For me, the approach of taking just small steps each day toward the actual building of these things is my way "IN" to actually making these ideas actual.


  1. Looks Excellent Herself!
    Glad your feeling better.


  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Shel Glad to hear your feeling better. I agree that sometimes the excitement of what we Imagine can be more fun then the work itself. I enjoy the creative side and the creating of the objects..but its hard to always push ourselves..or rather to "make" the time, since we all know free time is not a real thing. LOL. Your Progress is looking great btw =) Happy Thursday!

  3. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I am gald you are feeling better. Doesn't everything seem brighter after feeling sick for a few days!

  4. Anonymous8:24 AM

    The tree is STUNNING!! I love the color of softness! I could be a treehugger again with this piece!!

  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Writing Mouse's Chalet is so sweet!

    Say more about this wire mesh that you're using? What it looks like, where you get it, what you use it for?

  6. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I agree with Sven that Mouse Chalet is so sweet. Maybe you should add a balcony with lots of Old Papers, Quills and Ink Bottles, maybe even a door bell (a pull one) I think that would add a lot of Rustic Charm.


  7. Hi All! Thank you again.

    Chris, I have been waiting to work on Halfland for over 14 years. FOURTEEN YEARS!!!!! That's 10 years plus 4. I think Carter was president when I thought this up. Yeah, waiting didn't work for me. Ah, but small acts daily? P U R E G O L D! It's a whole new ACTION world.

    Sven, I'm really glad you asked about this mesh! I bought it not knowing how excellent it is for this purpose. It was a 6" roll of aluminum rain gutter guard bought at a hardware store. It is meant to be installed on the tops of open rain gutters to keep leaves and other debris from clogging up the gutters. It was an ample amount of yardage for under $3 bucks. What makes it so fabulous is its pliability as it can be sculpted softly and beautifully in all directions as if it were fabric--fabric that holds its shape!!! Really great. And then it holds that shape very strongly. I cover the sculpts with paper masking tape so that my kraft paper and starch mache will adhere to the surface. This mesh is by far better than the square mesh hardware cloth I bought for this job and far far cheaper than the fancy packaged art mesh sold for sculpture in art shops! w00t.

    Ben, you are so getting on the credits as contributing writer! I LOVE your ideas!! and will be using them all! Love it love it love it! Never would have thought of it, and I love it! Thank you.

  8. Your tree is beautiful.

  9. Thank you and Welcome, Ronji!

  10. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Thanks for the info Shells!


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