Friday, February 02, 2007


Revved up the glue gun and added another foam root to a spot on the outside and positioned another indoors out of the wonderful gutter mesh. That will have to do for today, not because I don't (desperately) want to do more. It's just that I have to focus attention to some patented clever paper too.

Art Bonus Today: Downstairs Clare and I began a new series of art experiments this morning based on the wonderful book The Soul's Palette: Drawing on Art's Transformative Power And, as the blurbs explain it, "Making art may be as important to your physical and spiritual health as balanced nutrition, regular exercise, or meditation... Experience the healing that flows from the joy of creation." It was fun to wet some brushes and play together.


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Ace Shelley (Sadly I missed the previous post because it came up with an error!)

  2. Cool beans! post some pics on whatever you come up with.


  3. Glad it's working now, Ben. Things all caught up now? I wouldn't want you to miss a single thrilling moment of watching my tree grow! HA!

    Seriously, I want to thank everyone for visiting and supporting me through things less exciting than paint drying. But if you were me, even these steps being taken are ACTION-PACKED!

    Hi Justin, you mean pics of the art exercises? Mine were crap. The technique we tried was kind of cool though. It was based on what I term Pareidolia where you use different methods to create abstracts that you then try to draw what you can see in hidden in it. Kind of like Where's Waldo, without the Waldo. heh.

    I'l have to go see how Clare's came out.

  4. What are you talking about? paint drying is exciting!!! you never know if it's going to be the exact color you aimed for.

  5. Spoken like a true artist, Hila!

  6. Yea! Painting is good for you, like eating your vegetables.

    Don't forget to keep us updated on the BIG painting on Clare's wall

  7. Thanks, Mark. I haven't at all forgotten about the big painting, Clare just hasn't done anything further yet. I:-{

    I used to drop down in the afternoons to inspect his "Go Pages" as we called them, little sheets that he had to do at least one of a day for me to see. That worked so well they became some of his all time favorite works. I'd often come down and find that he'd made half a dozen truly excellent abstracts in "watercolor" acrylic and various other materials. By the end of the year he had a huge stack of wonderful pieces that he sells prints of through his site. Clare Zero

    So, with his recent health challenges, I thought this year we'd try the exercises in that book I mentioned as a starting off point to more art action and well being.

    Everyone, please hold some good thoughts for that if you would/could, thanks.

  8. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Perfectly put, healing that flows from creation! Thanks for the wise words of truth.

  9. 'Tis true, Corey! More and more I'm seeing the value of expression through the act of creating, especially so through one's hands!


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