Saturday, February 10, 2007

Keep Moving

...because if you don't, I'm gonna Papier Maché you where you stand! I'm so into this new technique, it's wonderful (looks around at what else in here could possibly be mache'd.) I papered over the inside tree and the newly tweaked outside. The only reason I stopped, under protest, was to make dinner for hungry persons and to work on "Mein Kompfs" (the design comps for my new print project) which, thanks to a late night discovery session last night of unique folding solutions, is now rolling along... gotta keep moving there too.

In other news: For those who love paper art, pop-ups, automata, and the like, like we do, you might like to know about a wide-ranging paper lovers' site, Paper Forest, belonging to the gifted artist/illustrator Jaime Zollars. Everything one could wish to explore about paper art and news can be found in her comprehensive sidebar and reportage. She graciously invited me to contribute occasional posts to her site to keep things, well... moving and crackling with paper action. Today I made my maiden guest post.


  1. congrats on the writing gig, shelley!

  2. Yowsas! Shelley branches out! Glad to see you making daily progress on both fronts, as well as the writing gig!

  3. Thanks, Gretchin! You know it's free right? Hee.

    Mike, "branches" bwahhaha, tree, branches, get it? bwah. yep, better quit laughing here and go get back to both those fronts right now! thanks!

  4. Fantastic!



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