It's Svensday!!!

Sven and Toby (!, Hi Gretchin!) were welcomed into Halfland for a visit today!

Just a quick note to let you know who the very special guest was in Halfland today, Sven Bonnichsen!!!

He is the nicest person I ever met.

He is a fabulous person both online, and now I know, in person too.

We talked animation non-stop since he arrived about noon and he just turned in for the night at 2 am!

We animated!

He taught me how to add dialog to animation! (it's fantastically fun and easy now that he could show me how!!!)

We ate, we chatted, we took photos, we played show and tell (he brought friends!), Sventastic!

More details a coming tomorrow!


  1. That's so awesome!!! Sounds like you two had a blast. It's so cool to see Sven in Halfland.... and his puppets right there in your studio. It's kind of bizarre... like two worlds coming together and both benefitting from the convergence. I hope we get to see lots more pics and (dare I even hope it?) - maybe some animation?!!?!????

  2. This experience was one of the highlights of our lives for many reasons. Shel gives so much, so freely to to so many people so to see her just drinking up Sven's abundant giving knowledge just filled my heart to overflowing. I have always teased Shelley about her "imaginary friends" well they are imaginary no more. And the fact that this all came about through the Internet is just mindblowing. We were just having Sven over as a guest, I had no idea it would turn out to be Sven workshop.

    I am also so grateful to Mike who got Shelley on the road to animating and is the hub for all this

  3. I KNOW!!! It IS worlds colliding!

    We're filming again--more later!

  4. eeeeee! it's so exciting to see sven & toby in halfland! i am very much looking forward to seeing more!

    ulysses, i think sven is just as happy to have a fellow stopmo collaborator to talk & play with. :)

  5. cool...I wish we could all be there...

    I cannot wait to see what you guys are cooking up :)

  6. Welp, sirs, Sven departed just about a mere 24 hours after he arrived. And in that time we had two important mini-workshops with each other, four short animation clips were made, one new puppet was built, lots of photos were taken, tons of looking at stuff up on the walls here, and munching yummies and sipping warm things happened! It was a fabulous whlrlwind of a visit!

    Oh, that you all could have been here too!!! Wooo hooot! More reportage on that and the visit later, but in the meantime, I can honestly say that there is absolutely NO SUBSTITUTE, as good as this online conversation is (!) for a hands on, face to face, jibber jabber, meeting of the minds in person. No question about it. And what's more, it was all the better after having spent more than a year typing thoughts and feelings on art and animation together. It was like hitting the bricks, not just running, but rocket powered!

    DO. THIS.

  7. Hey thats awesome!! I really am glad it was a great experiance.

    I feel I can learn 20 times a much from a 2 hour lunch as I can in a 2 month read and researchathon.

    We as a community are {tiny} and
    Stop mo is one of the most {unsugary - non fast food - Earth grown...pure meat and Vegetables}

    type of - hobby- artform -witchcraft - in much work for so little time on screen.

    It takes a very specific personality type to create in this medium. I imagine most of us would get along quite handsomly.

    great stuff guys! More juice to set loose!! Let the creativity Flow!!!


  8. I really like what you said here, Justin, about the very unique qualities that stop motionists seem to share. We may be bent like Almaloy but we work! ha.

    I do agree with you that the shared stop mo interest for us types would be a strong common bond through such a quirky art form. There's a lot we could all share with each other from our individual skills and strengths.


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