Monday, February 12, 2007

Sawing Logs While Himself Is Sawing Logs

...only a few feet away. I'm not even kidding! We just got home a while ago from an all day design/project meeting with our friend/client. Hims went to bed (after checking his blog comments, of course) for an early appointment tomorrow. I wanted to stay up to make my small act on Halfland. I thought fleshing out the porch further would be a good choice. I grabbed the largest, straight branches I had and started cutting them down with my pull saw to the right height. I had to be as quiet as possible, sawing gingerly in the dark, because we live in an open plan place with no rooms and my bench vise is located only about 10 feet away from the bed! Maybe that's where that old "saw" came from?!

For those wondering about how big the tree and house are, I measured tonight from the "ground" level outside the tree set to the top branches and it comes in at about 6' tall! The cottage is about 4' across at the widest point, with the tree's canopy about that. I've got about a 2' perimeter of hill landscape surrounding the tree/cottage set as that is all the space that's left on the doors and saw horses set up.

I'm going to need more landscape though, at least a 5' portion to make up the land from the bottom of the porch down to the "stream" nearby. I figure I can build a little stream side set that can be pushed up next to the cottage/tree set when Rana (half goat woman) greets Kyra (half fish woman) from the cottage door and then walks down to collect her from the stream in a rain barrel. I'll also need a few side sets to make up the yards around the cottage, where the clothes line is hung and the chicken painter is painting and the fences run with an arbor gate on the way up the hill to the house. I'm thinking of taking several plastic milk crates, topping them with plywood bases, and dressing them as landscape that meshes into the edges of the table top set. That really helped to write that out! That's just what I'll do. yay.

I'm hoping that after the set is built, a way to make the set location look as though it is a part of a complete nature background will come to my mind? Hanging a giant green screen above, behind, and below everything? I have no idea right now. One thing at a time. Heck, when I started this film there was no Internet!! Now look!! Plenty of online cinemas to screen it!!, digital cameras to shoot it!!, free editing software to craft it!!, supportive friends with the same interests to share it!!, on and on. If I wait long enough, maybe Halfland will make itself?!

Kidding. I want to do it! I know you are enjoying doing your projects too.

Pix Mãnana


  1. Ha!!

    Im always crafting in the wee hours of the night! So I know the santa clause sneak of trying to drill or cut quietly....

    Its a funny image you've drawn.


  2. Hey, Night Owl! I have to make quiet things after a certain hour too.


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