Friday, February 16, 2007

"Minny Hill"

(I wish I could run the old "Benny Hill" sound track for you here.)

Today I set up a little set base test with built up newspaper bumps on a box. On top of that I taped down strips of; 1/8" square hardware cloth, perforated plastic rain gutter, aluminum rain gutter mesh, and plaster bandage. I made up two small batches of the Rockite portland/gypsym extra strength anchoring cement (gray) and plain plaster of paris (white) as a topping.

The idea is to see if any of these materials will create a hard shell surface, in conjuction with layers of papier mache, that will be strong and secure enough for fairly heavy hardware tiedowns for puppetry animation.

The results and more cRaZy antics tomorrow!


  1. Very smart!

    awaiting answers.....


  2. Justin, Thanks! You really brightened my spirit!

  3. You might want to try fiberglass cloth dipped in plaster, applied like paper mache over the screening underlay. But if you do, make sure it's fiberglass CLOTH, not matt, which is some scratchy nasty stuff! The cloth is nice and flexible, and adds loads of strength to the mix.

  4. Yes, that would work beautifully as you pointed out. Nick uses it for his sets. But I can't cut the strips or even use them here in my house because of the tiny glass fibers and dust particles it sheds.

    It's like anything I use here in the shop is also part of my food table and bed.

    But thanks for tipping me off to what works if that weren't my issue!

  5. Ah, yes, of course! I didn't consider that. Just a few alternative suggestions off the top o me head -


    Just something to add strength. I'd hate to see you drilling and suddenly the set cracks in half!


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