Friday, February 16, 2007

Whoops, Got Woody

It's been a big day here in Halfland. I wasn't planning to, but I took some thin wood strips and cut them down to size and hot glued them on the raspberry plastered walls. It took 6 hours to complete this step on all sides of the cottage. It really started making it look house-y and I'm very happy with the results. I added the wooden uprights to each wall corner as well and added a loft/shelf on the inside. I stuffed bits of newspaper into any gaps between the current plaster and the new wood, such as around the eyebrow-shaped window frames.

The next stage will be to stain the wood with a transparent wash of the right diluted acrylic colors. Then I'll use my new highly operational contractor's masking tape to cover the wood when dry. Then I bust out the tub of joint compound and slather it over the walls, filling in the plaster surface until it is about even with the new wood surface. Once dry, I remove the tape, et voila! Walls.

Shaping up around here! Take care.


  1. Great to see such progress, Shel. Well done.

  2. Nicely done! So, did you glue each piece to only one panel, so you can still remove individual panels?

  3. Thanks, PK, even though you see these things in the house, it helps to read about it I bet. Small acts is really werkin like a gerkin for me.

    Thanks, DS, you mean each upright (piece) to only one panel of each pair? Yeppers.

    And I'm going to cover those same uprights with cling wrap so that when I back fill the gap on the adjacent panel it will fit nicely but won't become stuck.

    Slick-el like a pickle.

  4. Your a constructobot!!

    its all coming together.


  5. You made me laugh, Justin!

    Really? does this seem quick? Gawd, it feels sooo slow to me! but--at least now I am moving forward!



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