Saturday, February 17, 2007

Miss Kitty Sez...

Hi Y'all, This week in the long-ass history of Halflandian progress, was the best yet. It felt great to take at least a small step daily and begin to see some real headway made finally. Oh, so good. I feel like a horse that's been kept in a barn for years and now feels the exhilaration of running free and fast. I FULLY intend to keep this up.

Tonight I feel the feelings in my (lower) gut that says, "it's time to lay down" for a day or two. But if somehow I'm able to keep the pains away tomorrow I'll still make my small acts here. Otherwise, I relent to nature's ways (head bows low) and will see you happily on the other side of things in a day or two.

Thank you for visiting and reading as I go along.

May you find joy in what you do.


  1. see you soon, miss kitty!

  2. I think it's necessary to take a break now and then, even if the body is able to work. Otherwise you'll run into burnout and start stressing. I'm on a break myself right now (if you haven't noticed!) but I'm getting other stuff done that's a really cool fun project, and I'm just wrappng it up, so hopefully tomorrow it's back to work in puppetland, all refreshed and ready to roll!

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    rest. gather. sing and sleep.
    In whatever order.
    hope your break renews you.

  4. cool beans ....You have made a ton of progress lately....

    take a deserved break!



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