Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today I added newsprint and 3M's excellent masking tape to places that seemed to call for refinement on the outside of the tree. I had a brainstorm this morning of using thinner kraft paper in more layers, in larger pieces over some of the hilly landscape by drenching the paper like a washcloth into liquid starch and draping it over the crumpled newspaper ground layout... I also added some chalk coloration to Yanu, the Moth Man's, deer prop and... ruined it. However, undaunted, I went to my (what must be a fairly well stocked and organized) art supplies and pulled the box marked "Flocking" materials! I plan to paint on more thin glue and dust the creature again with polyester fibers to re-work the little fellow's markings where the color doesn't look good and where the current layer was rubbed off.

MORE ACTUAL NOTES FROM HALFLAND: A. This image, found only recently, is the closest illustration in total to my vision for the cottage interior. What's spot on about it is the coziness, the fireplace with kettle, the bed in an alcove (notice how it matches the gypsy wagon feel again. B. This is a beautiful, bucolic mural in a fancy mansion that I will be emulating for the view surrounding the cottage. C.This is another great period door that I'll be copying for it's hardware and construction for the inside of the cottage. D. This image shows the feeling in the kitchen area, lots of jars and food left out, functional and inviting. E. This shows the inside of the Tudor-style bay window seat in the cottage, perfect for curling up to take a warm nap. F. This shows what I intend for finishing the landscape outside the cottage, having sod and mosses coming up through, in and around the tree root's toes.

In an incredible demonstration of "attunement", Halfland Explorer, Ben, suggested in the comments that the Writing Mouse might have a little balcony on his Chalet. He imagined it filled with mini ink bottles, quills, and paper scrolls! Completely adorable ideas. Thanks to Ben! I couldn't resist putting the mouse puppet, in his rice-sized, wire-rim glasses, with his feather quill pen and his first scroll on the unfinished house set.

Goodnight to you!


  1. I'm Blushin like hell, The idea just came to me and I diddnt know wether it would be of any use at all, The Shalet looks Great. I'm so honoured to be a 'Contributor Writer' to Halfland!


  2. Your movin lady!!

    progress central.



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